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Do you disagree with a decision made by the University? Or do you object to the behaviour of a staff member or fellow student? If a mutual agreement can’t be reached, or you feel unable to speak to the person/body directly, you can instead submit a complaint.

Who can I turn to with my complaint?

  • Disagreeing with a decision
    You disagree with a university decision, for example negative BSA or the registration of academic delay.
  • Unacceptable behaviour
    You have been subjected to unacceptable behaviour on the part of a fellow student or staff member, for example (sexual) intimidation, bullying, violence or discrimination.
  • Improper treatment
    You have been treated disrespectfully, unfairly or in a manner that contravenes regulations by a university staff member.
  • Academic integrity
    You have a complaint about the academic integrity of a fellow student or staff member.
  • Malpractice
    You suspect that malpractice is taking place within your study programme. 
  • Other types of complaint

General questions, suggestions or problems

In the program the study advisors are the first point of contact for general questions, suggestions or problems. They can also help you with were to go with your specific question, suggestion or problem.

Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint about a specific course, the study program or the schedule.

  • If its regarding a course, always try to consult with the teacher first.
  • You can also indicate it via the course- or program evaluation forms (please note that the response is not unnecessarily offensive or coarse).
  • Furthermore you can contact the program committee
  • If it requires direct action, you can contact the student member of the program board (EMAIL- follows).

The university has divided the academic year into two semesters. Teaching and examination can take place during the two semesters. Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint about an exam:

Is it about something else, but not about disagreement about a decision, undesirable behavior, improper treatment or scientific integrity? Then you can contact the assessor (student member of the board) of the faculty.

You can contact the ombudsperson of the university if you think you have been improperly treated by a staff member or fellow student of Leiden University.

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