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Unacceptable behaviour

This page provides information on what to do if you have been subjected to unacceptable behaviour.

Confidential Counsellor for Unacceptable Behaviour

If you have been subjected to (sexual) intimidation, bullying, aggression, violence or discrimination, you can contact the confidential counsellors on unacceptable behaviour. They have a fully independent position and everything you discuss will be treated with the utmost confidence.

What can the confidential counsellor do for you?

The confidential counsellor on unacceptable behaviour is there to:

  • listen to your complaint, give advice and offer support. 
  • provide information on ways in which you might resolve the problem, and how you can submit a formal complaint. 
  • provide guidance if you would like mediation to take place or you wish to submit a complaint to the complaints committee.  
  • ensure that you receive adequate follow-up support. 

Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour

Formal complaints about unacceptable behaviour can be submitted to the Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour. This can result in disciplinary measures being taken. The confidential counsellor can provide you with further information about the committee and assist you in submitting a complaint to them. Your complaint will always be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Complaints regulation

You can find more information about procedures concerning unacceptable behaviour in the Leiden University Regulations on Complaints Relating to Unacceptable Behaviour: (sexual) harassment, bullying, aggression, violence and discrimination

Advisory team for concerning or threatening behaviour

Have you been subjected to concerning or threatening behaviour by a fellow student, for example, stalking, sexual harassment or threats? Are you worried that a fellow student might pose a danger to other students or staff? Or do you have concerns about abusive behaviour in the home or suspect that a fellow student may be a victim of domestic abuse? For issues of this nature you can turn to the Concerning or threatening behaviour advisory team.

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