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Education administration offices

Every faculty and some study programmes have an education administration office where you can request information about schedules, transcripts, grades and other academic results.

Science Student Administration (SSA)

The Science Student Administration employees are mainly responsible for the registration of study results, like grades for courses and research projects, and most activities in the certification process (registration of diplomas).

Please contact the student administration if you have any questions regarding...

  • Transcripts of records
  • Certification / Graduation
  • Registration of grades (also of approved external courses, please send us a certified transcript issued by the other university!)
  • uSis (via uSis-FWN@science.leidenuniv.nl)

Please always mention your student ID (digits only) if you contact us; it will enable us to answer your questions more swiftly!

On the right side of this page, under 'Who's my contact person?', you can find the contact person for your programme and the email address to use if you wish to get in touch with them.

Please do NOT contact the SSA or admin-mailboxes for...

... questions about the programme, the schedule, internships/research projects, e.g. exemptions or on the contents of a course or permission to follow a certain course should be directed to the programme coordinator or study advisor (or in certain cases the Board of Examinars), not the Science Student Administration. Please check this website; on the right side of this page all programmes are mentioned, so you can find contact info for your programme quite easily!

... problems logging in to ULCN or uSis (please check the FAQ at the student website)

... issues with enrolling as a student (for a programme, so not a class or exam) / admissions; please contact Plexus Front Office

Thank you!


If you need a transcript of records you can send an email to transcript@science.leidenuniv.nl

Please include the following information in the subject line of your message:

  • Name
  • Student ID (digits only)
  • Programme

It will help us drawing up your transcript if you also mention in your message which period the transcript should cover ('from .... to ...').

Where can you find us?

You will find our SSA desk in the Huygens lab, at the top of the stairs (Service area).

If you wish to talk to the contact person for your programme directly, this is possible. Please send an email to the admin-mailbox of your programme to set up an appointment in Teams. Rarely it may be possible to speak with us at our SSA desk after making an appointment, but bear in mind that we are still mainly working from home. 

So... when should you then send an email to the SSA-mailbox?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple: hardly ever!

If you are a (former) student or staff of a Leiden Science institute/programme, the admin mailbox (email address) that is specifically intended for questions and comments regarding your programme can be found on the right side of the page. Please send your email to that address, and always state your student ID in the subject line (if you are staff and have a question about a student, we kindly request you to always mention student ID as well).

The SSA mailbox is basically only to be used for general (faculty) questions that do not relate to a specific programme.

Education Office Astronomy

The education administration for the Astronomy bachelor's and master's programme is managed by the Education Office Astronomy. Click on the positions below to learn more and to contact the team.

Ultimate responsibility for the Astronomy bachelor's and master's programmes. Contact for policy, vision and strategy issues.

Prof.dr. Harold Linnartz
Huygens Laboratory, room 501

Management of the Education Office Astronomy. Contact for organisational, personnel and policy issues. Also Astronomy programme coordinator.

Drs. Arianne Pen-Oosthoek
Oort building, room 564

Coordination of the Astronomy bachelor's and master's programmes. Contact for schedules, student communication and registration. Also Head of Education Office Astronomy.

Drs. Arianne Pen-Oosthoek
Oort building, room 564

Supporting students with information and counseling. Contact for personal circumstances, study planning and study delay. Click here for more information and to plan a meeting.

Wouter Schrier, MSc
Oort building, room 56​​​​​7

Student recruitment and external communication. Contact for student recruitment events, student websites and PR-material.

Razjaan Rashid, BSc
Oort building, room 562

Support of the Education Office Astronomy. Contact for all Bachelor related questions and mandatory matching programme.

Dr. Marieke Olthof
Oort building, room 564

Administrative support for the Education Office Astronomy. Contact for course evaluation procedures, planning of meetings and room booking for education purposes.

Liesbeth van der Veld, BEd
Oort building, room 564

Support of the Education Office Astronomy. Contact for all master related questions and international affairs.

Robin Hölscher, MSc
Oort building, room 562


Various education-related committies are in place for the Astronomy education programme. More information and memberships of the Education Committee, Board of Examiners, Board of Admissions and Public Relations Committee can be found on the page University & faculty councils and programme bodies.

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