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Mentors and tutors

The Leiden Study System with binding study advice ensures that first year students are provided with good academic guidance. This guidance is given by tutors and mentors from your faculty or study programme.


A tutor is a lecturer who provides guidance to first year students and helps them acquire important academic skills.


A mentor is an (individual) supervisor who provides advice and helps students find their way, both academically and personally. Your mentor is your first point of contact should your encounter academic or personal problems. If required, he or she can refer you to other individuals or organisations for further assistance, for example study advisers, student counsellors, student psychologists or staff at Plexus Student Centre. Your mentor will be either a lecturer or a senior student.

Tutor and mentor

To offer support to students in making sufficient progress during their psychology study the course Academic Skills Tutorial is offered in the first year. This is closely connected to the ‘binding study advice’ (BSA).  In the second year the course Perspective on Career Planning has a mentoring function.

Tutor in the first year

In the first year of the bachelor programme, psychology students follow a year-long course called Academic Skills Tutorial. In the Academic Skills Tutorial students begin their academic study. One of the goals of the course is to equip students for their university education. Three important skills are addressed:

  • Scientific writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Learning to set up an experiment

Besides these academic skills, considerable attention is given to the study progress by the tutor.
e-Prospectus - Tutorial Academic Skills

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

The BSA is a recommendation given to students at the end of the first year, with regard to the continuation of their study.
Binding Study Advice (BSA)

Mentor in the second year

In the second year, students are required to take the course ‘Perspective on Career Planning’. This course has a mentoring function. With this course, you will learn new possibilities for yourself, the field of work and your study in an academic context. During this course you will work in small groups with a teacher, your mentor. The course has meetings throughout the second year. Within this year you will have two individual meetings with your mentor to discuss your progress, your plans and your thoughts.
e-Prospectus - Perspective on Career Planning

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