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Other guidance

In addition to the counsellors and advisers listed here, some faculties and programmes offer additional guidance to help you with your studies.

Take a look at the information provided by your faculty or study programme to find out what additional guidance is available.


What can the POPcorner do for you?

  • Help you find your way around the faculty 
  • Help you get off to a good start in your study programme 
  • Offer support to students of varying backgrounds 
  • Offer training courses to improve study performance 
  • Offer know-how about the academic world 
  • Offer an introduction course to the Dutch language and culture

Workshops etc. 2018-2019

Students for students
What is so special about the POPcorner is that it is run by staff and students. The POPcorner was set up in close consultation with students of varying cultural and social backgrounds. Why did students want this service? Because tackling your study in the right way and performing well does not come easily to everyone. Many students say they really feel a need for wide support during their years at university and for establishing social contacts.

No appointment is necessary, you can just drop by. You did not find us in? Then do send us an email.

Master Thesis Lab

The Master Thesis Lab is a facility that provides additional support for students who are writing their Master’s thesis:

Master Thesis Lab

Master Thesis Lab

  • It is available to all Master students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Leiden University.
  • The lab offers various facilities, like 22 work spaces, a Thesis Lab Assistant (SAM), books, a website, and several advisors (statistical advisors, advisors for qualitative research, and library advisors).
  • Before you can use the Master Thesis Lab you have to register.

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