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Student psychologists

Urgent situations

If you need urgent psychological help, contact your GP. Outside office hours, you can contact the ‘Out of hours doctor’s post’ in Leiden  or The Hague.

Support by phone and email

Due to coronavirus measures, it is currently not possible to schedule an appointment in Plexus or the Beehive. However, the student psychologists are available to offer support over the phone and by email. You are welcome to call or mail with your questions, or make an appointment for a first consultation via the online appointment system.  

How can a student psychologist help?

If you are registered as a student of Leiden University, you can use the services of the student psychologists. The student psychologists can help with both study-related and personal problems. During your first consultation, you will together look into the best course of action for you. In some cases, that might be a workshop or training course in study skills or personal development. In other cases, the psychologist might offer you short-term individual guidance. The student psychologist will not make a diagnosis nor offer therapy for serious psychological or psychiatric problems. However he/she will explain how you can arrange a referral from your doctor for help of this nature.

Make an appointment

Important: Only make an appointment for your first consultation in the online appointment system. If you need subsequent appointments, the student psychologist will help you arrange this.

No appointments available?

The system only shows availability for the coming 3 weeks. If no resources are available, this means all available time slots have been booked. Please, try again later.  The appointment system is updated every day and appointments sometimes get cancelled.

Or ask your question by email

If you have a short question, you can send your question to the student psychologists by emailPlease do not use the e-mail option as an alternative for a personal consultation with the student psychologist. If you need to cancel your appointment at short notice, please inform our office by telephone at:  +31 (0)71-5278026.

Self-help: workshops and courses

You can also follow a range of Leiden University workshops and courses that address study-related and personal problems. For example, you can learn to deal with procrastination or fear of failure, improve your speed-reading, and tackle thesis-writing difficulties.

Take a look on the e-POPcorner website. Here you can find online self-study courses on the following topics and more: 

  • Study skills
  • Time management
  • Taking exams
  • Mind mapping

Caring Universities
In addition to the individual and groupwise counseling by the student psychologists, Leiden University offers several online psychological interventions through the Caring Universities platform. On the de website you'll find the information about the interventions and how to enroll. https://caring-universities.com/nl/


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