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Study advisers

Your study adviser or coordinator is an expert on all aspects of your study programme. If you have any questions or concerns about your programme, whether they be of a practical or academic nature, you can contact your study adviser.

Academic issues

Are you experiencing academic difficulties? Or are you falling behind in your studies due to personal circumstances? If so, it is essential that you speak to your study adviser/coordinator as soon as possible. He or she can advise you on the best course of action and, if required, assist you in dealing with academic delay.

Practical issues

You can also speak to your study adviser about a range of practical issues concerning your programme, such as:

  • Planning your studies
  • Schedule issues
  • Choosing elective credits
  • Requesting exemptions
  • Advice on internship

What kind of information and advice can the study advisors give you?

The study advisors provide students with information and give advice on study-related matters, such as:

  • content and structure of the programme
  • study and exam regulations
  • study planning and progress
  • elective courses
  • Internships
  • exchanges
  • problems with thesis
  • possibilities regarding studying with a disability
  • (possible) delay in completing your studies due to personal circumstances

For administrative questions (like course enrolment, registration of grades, applying for your graduation etc.) please contact the Education Services Centre (OSC).

Consultation hours

You can contact the study advisors during their consultation hours by phone for short questions. We advise you to make use of these consultation hours for urgent matters, or when you need a quick reply.

When: Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 11.00 hour

Telephone numbers: +31 (0)70 - 800 9143

At the moment there are no walk-in consultation hours at the Wijnhaven Building. We’ll inform you when it’s possible for us to schedule walk-in consultation hours again.

Cancelled/changed consultation hours are published on our Brightspace page.

Making an appointment

You’re also welcome to book an appointment with one of the study advisors. You can book an appointment for 10 or 20 minutes. Need more time? Send an e-mail to the study advisors: they’ll schedule an appointment with you for a larger time slot.

You can make an appointment from 1 month up to 8 hours before the appointment takes place; if you cannot make it, please cancel via the link in your confirmation mail (up to 1 hour before the meeting).

Make an appointment.


You can also e-mail your questions. Please mention: your student number, year of study, study programme and if applicable: track/ course title/ name (work group) teacher.


Your study advisors

Your study advisors for:

  • BSc Security Studies
  • MSc Crisis and Security Management
  • MSc International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Minors:  Global Affairs; Intelligence Studies; Safety, Security and Justice
  • Elective: Victims and Offenders of Violence

S. (Sofie) Delpeut MA

T. (Timo) Schmal

J.P. (Jan Pieter) van Borssum Waalkes

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