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Study advisers

Your study adviser or coordinator is an expert on all aspects of your study programme, for example exam regulations, planning, academic issues, study delay etc.

Every study programme has a study adviser. If you are falling behind in your studies you must inform your study adviser right away. It is also wise to let your study adviser know as soon as possible if personal circumstances are threatening to have a negative impact on your studies. 

What kind of information and advice can the study advisors give you?

The study advisers provide students with information and give advice/ guidance on study-related matters, such as:

  • content and structure of the programme
  • study and exam regulations
  • study planning and progress
  • elective courses
  • choice of specialisation
  • internships
  • exchanges
  • problems with thesis
  • possibilities regarding studying with a disability
  • (possible) delay in completing your studies due to personal circumstances

You can also contact the study adviser for other questions. Depending on the subject, the study advisers can give you personal advice, refer you to other relevant departments or will contact other departments within the university. Always come to the study adviser if you (expect to) fall behind with your studies!

You do not go to the study adviser when you…

For all other questions you can initially contact the study adviser. However, this doesn’t mean that the study adviser can answer all your questions or will solve your problems. In many cases the study adviser needs to make enquiries,  you’ll need other departments within (and outside) the university and you will also have to take some actions yourself. The study adviser can guide you through te process.

Consultation hours by telephone

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 09.30 – 10.30
Telephone number: 070 -800 9950 

Open office/consultation hours

Short questions max. 10 minutes, location: see contact block.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 11.00 – 12.00

Please note:
- We recommend you to check on the website for any changes regarding the open office hours. 
- Students should be present 15 minutes before the end of the consultation hour at the latest.

Cancelled consultation hours

  • 13 Februari 2019
  • 15 March 2019
  • 19 en 22 April 2019
  • 3 May
  • 31 May 2019
  • 10 June 2019


You can also e-mail your questions. Please mention: your student number, year of study, study programme and if applicable: track/ course title/ name (work group) teacher.


Making an appointment

You can make an appointment: 

  • if you need more than 10 minutes; 
  • if it concerns a sensitive subject;  
  • you can make an appointment from 4 weeks up to 3 hours before the appointment takes place. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of the appointment;
  • please cancel your appointment in time if you cannot make it by using the special link in the confirmation e-mail.


Make an appointment through the online appointments system.


Your study advisors

Ms M.W. (Tineke) Choi MSc
Office days: Monday through Thursday. 

Ms C.M.L. (Charlotte) Rosalie MA 
Office days: Tuesday through Friday. 

Ms Drs. J.A.D. (Jolanda) den Heijer
Office days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

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