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Study advisers

Your study adviser or coordinator is an expert on all aspects of your study programme, for example exam regulations, planning, academic issues, study delay etc.

Every study programme has a study adviser. If you are falling behind in your studies you must inform your study adviser right away. It is also wise to let your study adviser know as soon as possible if personal circumstances are threatening to have a negative impact on your studies. 

Contact Information


Drs. Karin van Wanrooij 

Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen
Drs. Grada Degenaars
Dr. Hans Kruijer

Dr. Jeannette de Graaf

Informatica & Biologie
Dr. Jeannette de Graaf

Informatica en Economie
Alfons Laarman

Life Science and Technology  
Lianne Reinders, MSc 

Molecular Science and Technology
Drs. Nynke Penninga

Dr. Hara Papathanasiou 

Wouter Schrier, MSc

Dr.ir. Onno van Gaans (for 1st year BSc students)
Dr. Charlene Kalle (for 2nd and 3rd year BSc students)


Wouter Schrier, MSc
Drs. Arianne Pen (educational coordinator)

Drs. Karin van Wanrooij

Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Emily Ouwehand, MA
Dr. Diana Klomp

Hilde Zwaan-van der Plas, MSc
E-mail: msc-studyadviser@lic.leidenuniv.nl

Computer Science
Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen

ICT in Business and the Public Sector
Esme Caubo 

Industrial Ecology
Kiki Boomgaard MA 

Life Science and Technology
Hilde Zwaan-van der Plas, MSc
E-mail: msc-studyadviser@lic.leidenuniv.nl

Dr. Martin Lübke

Media Technology
Nanda Milbreta

Dr. Hara Papathanasiou

Statistical Science
Dr. Marta Fiocco

Study advisor Astronomy master's programme

Wouter Schrier MSc.
E-mail: studyadvisor@strw.leidenuniv.nl
Location: Oort building, room number 567

Support for Astronomy students

The Astronomy education programme offers guidance and advice during your studies. The Astronomy study advisor is your central point of contact for this matter. Find out below where the study advisor can help. In addition, Leiden University offers extensive support. For a full overview of available services, follow the menu link on Guidance and Advice.

Help with problems

Do you encounter problems or delays during your studies? The study advisor can help you, if necessary in consultation with the student counselor or other support services. All conversations with the study advisor are confidential and in accordance with the code of conduct of the national association of study advisors (in Dutch).

Progress and visa consequences

If any difficulties arise or if you fall behind, contact the study advisor as soon as possible. The study advisor may also take the initative to contact you if there is reason to do so. It is important to always contact someone in case of problems, if only because a delay in your study programme can have serious consequences for your visa. Click here for more information on visa and residence permits for current students.

Student services

As a student, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the study advisor at any time to talk about your personal circumstances. By the advice of the study advisor, but also at your own initiative, you can contact various student facilities, such as psychologists, deans, general study assistance, international study advisers, etc.

At the start of your Astronomy master's, you will have an intake meeting with the Astronomy study advisor. You will have to plan this meeting yourself using the online appointment system in response to the e-mail you will receive from the study advisor before the start of your Astronomy programme. The intake meeting covers the following topics:

  • Master Study Plan: You will discuss the study plan that you have drafted for your Astronomy master's programme. Any adjustments to your plans can be included here, as final approval of your Study Plan by the Astronomy study advisor is required.
  • First Research Project: The Astronomy study advisor may assist you in finding a supervisor for your First Research Project, matching your research interests to a Leiden Observatory staff member.

Make sure to prepare your intake meeting well as intructed here.

Send an e-mail

For short and simple questions or problems, please contact the study advisor by email at studyadvisor@strw.leidenuniv.nl. For more complex issues, make an appointment through the online appointment system below.

Make an appointment

For detailed questions or complex problems, use the system below to plan an appointment or phone call with the Astronomy study advisor. This system is only intended for students. The maximal duration of an appointment is 30 minutes. When you have an appointment, please seat yourself opposite of the study advisor's office at the appointed time. The study advisor will pick you up there. Short and simple questions don't require an appointment but can be asked by e-mail via studyadvisor@strw.leidenuniv.nl.

Attention! If you have a very urgent problem and/or the times available in the appointment system don't suit you, send an e-mail to make a separate appointment.

Online appointment system Astronomy study advisor

The online appointment system is only intended for students. Are you a prospective student or a colleague? Please contact the Astronomy study advisor through studyadvisor@strw.leidenuniv.nl.

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