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National Student Survey

As a student, you can provide the university with invaluable feedback on your study programme via the National Student Survey. At the same time, you will be helping future students who are currently in the process of choosing a study programme.

Take a look under your faculty tab for information on how your programme performed in the most recent National Student Survey, or visit the Nationale Studenten Enquête website.

NSE 2019: factsheet Leiden University

It’s time for this year’s National Student Survey (NSE). On Saturday 2 February, you have received an e-mail from Studiekeuze123 containing a personal invitation for you to give your opinion about your study programme.

Your opinion is important
Our students’ ideas are very important to the faculty and for our ability to continually improve the education, facilities and study environment we offer. After all, who knows better than our students what it’s like to study with us?

NSE results
The faculty in general, and your programme in particular, will use the results of the NSE to improve the programme – for example, the support you receive as a student as you prepare to enter the labour market. You were not quite satisfied with that aspect in the last survey, which is why we have set up the Science Career Service to offer you, the student, advice about your opportunities in the labour market.

Extra incentive
As an extra incentive to fill out the survey, the NSE is giving away various prizes. And there’s something else you might like to know: if 25% of you respond to the survey, the faculty will treat you to cookies. If the response percentage reaches 50%, there will be cake for everyone! What’s more, this year there’s again a competition between the faculty study associations: the association whose members fill in the most surveys will receive a contribution to a sports activity of their choice.

The NSE runs until 24 March 2019. While it is active, you can expect five e-mails from Studiekeuze123. In addition, the university will also ask you to fill out the survey. You can do that easily using the mobile site provided by Studiekeuze123. We will only send you e-mails when (if) the milestones have been reached. Visit Facebook and Instagram to follow the current rankings in the student associations competition, or the student’s website.

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