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Books and study materials

Look under your faculty or study programme tab for information on how to acquire study materials.

Study books

Required literature that must be purchased is stated in the course descriptions, where you can also read about the actual content of the courses. Course descriptions can be found via the Prospectus. You can also find information at certain book stores in Leiden, at JFV Grotius (the law faculty student association) and at CoDe (the study association for Criminology students). 

Books can be purchased at all well-known book stores or via your study association.  In Leiden there are a few specialised academic book stores such as Jongbloed and Studystore.

Syllabi and readers

Syllabi and readers can be purchased via www.readeronline.leidenuniv.nl. Materials that have been ordered and paid can be collected at the faculty (Copy&Printshop KOG). Or you can opt to have materials delivered to your home address.

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