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Elective credits

In addition to compulsory elements, most degree programmes also have elective credits. These are credits you can earn in a variety of ways, for example by taking elective courses, studying abroad or doing a minor.

How many elective credits do I have?

The number of elective credits varies from programme to programme. Take a look at the programme-specific information in the Prospectus for exact details.


A minor is a cohesive set of courses that has been pre-approved by the university. A minor can allow you to explore subjects outside the boundaries of your own study programme. You can choose to follow a minor in Leiden or another university. There are special arrangements in place for Leiden students who would like to do a minor at Delft University of Technology or the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read more about minors.

Elective courses

You can also choose to put together your own set of courses, selected from those offered by Leiden University or another institute of higher education. Make sure to request permission from your study programme’s Board of Examiners before doing so.

Going abroad

You can earn elective credits by studying or doing an internship abroad for a few months. Read more on our study abroad webpages or contact your international exchange coordinator or study adviser to find out about the options within your study programme.


Electives credits can also be earned through internships or research projects, either in the Netherlands or abroad. Ask your internship or research coordinator for more information. The Career Service can also assist you in looking for an internship place

Permission from the board of examiners

If you choose to follow a complete minor  in Leiden, Delft or Rotterdam you do not need to request advance permission. For all other ways of earning your elective credits you must always request permission from your programme’s board of examiners. More information can be found in the Prospectus or your study programme’s Course and Examination Regulations (OER).

Minors & Electives @ LUC

LUC offers its own pre-structured Minors, all consisting of a coherent 30 EC package of courses, including 10 EC in 300-level courses. Students may complete a Minor in one of the following four ways:

Instead of doing a Minor, it is also possible to take 30 EC of electives. This option requires a set of elective courses (30 EC) within the context of the individual study plan. Do note that a maximum of 15 EC of post-first-year 100-level courses may be used towards the 30 EC. The selection of courses should be in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and/or study advisor. Any course of a Major or Minor can be taken as an elective. In addition, LUC will offer a small selection of pure electives; please find an overview here. It's also possible to take an external (i.e. non-LUC) class, but in that case you will need permission from the Board of Examiners to include the course in your programme.

Students of the Classes of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 should consult the e-Prospectus of 2015-2016 for information on Minors or electives.

Minor & Electives @ Universiteit Leiden

To request an external course or minor offered by Leiden University, students must submit the form and a complete syllabus or course outline at least 15 working days before the start of the course.

After completion of the course, students must inform the Registar when their grade(s) have been uploaded to uSis.

Please note that failure to comply with the stated deadlines will lead to a denial of the request.


Form: External Course Leiden form

Syllabus or course outline: The syllabus must at least include a course overview, the number of ECTS, assessments, and the date of the course.


Certified transcript: Non-certified copies of the transcript will not be accepted. If necessary, the Student Information Desk can produce a certified copy of the original transcript. Once submitted, transcripts remain in possession of the Board of Examiners and cannot be returned to students.

Minors & Electives @ University in the Netherlands

It is possible to follow a minor or electives at other universities in the Netherlands. 

To request external courses offered by other Dutch Universities, students must submit the Learning Agreement to the LUC Exchange Office no later than:

·                21 June if one or more courses start in the following September;

·                21 October if one or more courses start in the following January/February.

Please note that failure to comply with the stated deadlines will lead to a denial of the request.

Form : Learning Agreement Dutch Universities and Summer Schools in the Netherlands

Certified transcripts : LUC Exchange Office only accepts original certified copies sent directly by the host institution.  Please request the Registrar of the host institution to send the transcripts in a sealed envelope to the address as mentioned on the last page of the Learning Agreement.

Alternatively, students may submit the transcripts themselves, as long as they are submitted to the Exchange Office in a sealed envelope of the host institution.

If you have any questions, please contact h.w.lam@luc.leidenuniv.nl. 

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