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You can find information on your timetable by clicking on your faculty or study programme tab.

If you can't find your timetable please contact your Education Administration Office.

MyTimetable provides an overview of the timetables for all courses and trainings and gives you the possibility to create a personal schedule. You can find MyTimetable via this link. On the right side of this page you will find the instruction for My Timetable.

Check under these circumstances the Brightspace pages regularly, due to pre recorded sessions and extra  Q&A sessions are not visible in the timetable.  

Make sure to check your timetable regularly for the location and time of your classes!

Not all programmes have their own page like minors, pre-master programmes and the honours track. Use the link below or go via the link in the Prospectus.

If you can't find your schedule please contact the OSC (see the right side of this page).


Many courses are completed with a written exam. There are rules applicable to making exams. Read more (about the rules on) making exams in the RTE of your programm and the house rules for exams.

Do not forget to bring an ID and student ID card to the exam!

Locations excams

The Faculty uses  external exam locations. So take a good and timely look at the schedule and in uSis for the location of your exam and plan your route.

The following exam location isoften used. 

Schedules Academic Year

The LUC academic year is divided into a spring and an autumn semester, with each semester consisting of two eight-week blocks. Most courses at LUC run for one of these eight-week blocks, with the notable exceptions of language courses and two compulsory first-year courses which run for two consecutive blocks. During the first seven weeks of a block, each course has scheduled contact hours, usually two sessions per week of two hours each. There are no contact hours in the final week of the block (known as ‘reading week’) as this week is dedicated to final essays, papers, or (take-home) exams. Students are required to be on campus during the entire eight-week block.

The two semesters are divided by the winter (six weeks) and summer breaks (twelve weeks), in which there are no classes. In winter break however the Remedial Math course is taught.

LUC Academic Year 2018-2019



Semester 1



Block 1

27 August 2018

19 October 2018

Autumn Break

22 October 2018

26 October 2018

Block 2

29 October 2018

21 December 2018

Semester 2



Block 3

4 February 2019

29 March 2019

Spring Break

1 April 2019

5 April 2019

Block 4

8 April 2019

8 June 2019


Please note that the LUC academic year differs slightly from the annual calendar of Leiden University.


Classes at LUC are an hour and fifty minutes long including a ten-minute break after the first fifty minutes. The timeslots in which a seminar or a plenary session may be scheduled are: 09:00-10:50; 11:00-12:50; 13:00-14:50; 15:00-16:50; 17:00-18:50. Please note that timeslots T11 and T12 are in principle reserved for fieldwork and lab hours.

Students receive their timetable from the Registrar (Mr. Joppe Brieffes) by e-mail at the beginning of the block. Please note that there are no regularly scheduled classes on Wednesday afternoons, as this time is dedicated to other educational activities, such as visiting speaker events, workshops, and excursions.

If a student chooses to take a course at Leiden University, classes within this course will take place in Leiden in accordance with the ‘Leids kwartiertje’ schedule. In this schedule classes are one hour and thirty minutes long and start at fifteen minutes past the hour with a fifteen-minute break after the first forty-five minutes.


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