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You can find information on your schedule by looking under your faculty or study programme tab.

If you can't find your schedule please contact your Education Administration Office.

Semesters and blocks

The academic year is subdivided into 2 semesters and 4 blocks:

  • Semester I, Block 1: September-October

  • Semester I, Block 2: October-December

  • Semester II, Block 3: February-March

  • Semester II, Block 4: April-May

Schedules 2018-2019


Semester 1

Semester 2

1st year

Lectures  Lectures 
  Workgroups: Workgroups:
  Exams  Exams 

2nd year

Lectures  Lectures 
  Workgroups Workgroups
  Exams Exams 

3rd year

  Workgroups Workgroups

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