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Study plan

Some study programmes help you monitor your own academic progress by assisting you in drawing up a study plan at the end of your first year.

The study plan is intended to help you remain focused and motivated for the rest of your programme. You will draw up a study plan for your second and third years at the end of your first and second year respectively.

Both Study Advisers and Academic Advisers are there to guide you in designing your study plan

What is a Study Adviser

The Study Adviser is responsible for advising students on their academic choices on the administrative side: study load, graduation requirements, Study Plan, what to do when a student experiences extenuating circumstances, advice on rules and regulations. In addition she monitors progress for all students, making sure no students fall between the cracks. Students who are suffering delay in their studies will be invited for a meeting to discuss and address the reasons for the delay. If needed the Study Advisor can refer to the Student Life Counsellors or other professionals within Leiden University.The Study Advisor also handles requests for Course Withdrawal and Leave of Absence, and follows up with these students.

The Leiden Study System is executed by the Study Advisor, and finally she also advices students with a physical or learning disability. As for all parts of the Student Support System, trust and confidentiality are essential.

Students are encouraged to contact the Study Advisor themselves when they need advice. The Study Advisor can be contacted via email: studyadvisor@luc.leidenuniv.nl. Her office is in 4.45, students can attend office hours or make an appointment.

Academic Advisers: First year and major-specific

First Year Academic Advisor who will assist the students in making the transfer to an academic and demanding environment, they can help with decisions concerning for example the choice of major and minor, going on exchange, but also on study skills.

The Major Academic Advisors are fully informed about the major in which they teach. They can explain differences between specific courses, advise on tracks, methodology courses, external courses, study abroad internship or capstone ideas and postgraduate study.

What is a Study Plan?

The Study Plan is discussed in meetings with the Academic Advisor. Each Academic Advisor will challenge students to reflect upon their choices, stimulate them to try new things and help to ensure that they are composing a trajectory that will not only meet their interests and ambitions, but also the graduation requirements. The Study Advisor also checks the Study Plans of individual students.

Contact your Study Adviser or Academic Adviser to get a Study Plan that will help you track an overview of your courses and your progress.

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