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Study plan

Some study programmes help you monitor your own academic progress by assisting you in drawing up a study plan at the end of your first year.

The study plan is intended to help you remain focused and motivated for the rest of your programme. You will draw up a study plan for your second and third years at the end of your first and second year respectively.

Study planning, guidance and information

In the second and third year of your bachelor study you have freedom to choose some of your courses. If you already know which direction you want to go you can choose courses in that area. If you are not sure which direction you want to go; then you can choose courses from different sub-disciplines and further orient yourself.  Elective and specialisation courses have entry requirements. This information is included in the course description in the Prospectus. Keep this in mind in your study planning.

Planning and support


Planning your programme requires skills and can sometimes be complicated. Your Study Adviser is available to help you understand: 

Additional Guidance

First year students are guided by their tutor in the course Academic Skills Tutorial. At the end of the first year students receive Binding Study Advice (BSA).  Second year students have 2 individual meetings with their mentor/ teacher of the course Perspective on Career Planning.
Tutor and mentor


Would you like to discuss your planning with your IBP study Adviser? Please make an appointment at the Student Services Office

Note: Make sure to bring a copy of your study plan to your meeting with your Study Adviser

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