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Study programme

When deciding what to study you undoubtedly read a lot of information about your study programme. Leiden University employs various systems to provide information about programmes and courses and to facilitate communication between lecturers and students.

The Prospectus contains information about all the courses within your study programme. Here you can find all you need to know about your programme. Via the online learning environment Brightspace you can communicate with your lecturers and submit assignments.

Linguistics in Leiden

Studying linguistics at the Leiden University Centre of Linguistics is challenging and exciting. There are few places in the world where both so many languages are studied and lecturers are familiar with many different approaches to the study of language.

Whether you want to know about the formal grammar of Chinese tense, youth language in modern African towns, the etymology of Indo-European languages or Amy or a large variety of other topics, you can find somebody here to help you discover more about the miracles of human language.

One of the attractions of the field of linguistics is the fact that many different methodologies can be applied to the study of languages: from fieldwork among people whose language has never been documented to the study of historical texts; from experimental study of language-learning infants to automatic search in large corpora of texts.

There are thousands of languages spoken around the world, each with their own grammar, their own sound system and their own word stock. Languages are varied, and what is true for languages is also true for the discipline that studies them: linguistics.

Check out the Prospectus for more information.

Information package for students MA Linguistics

We have developed an information package specifically for students who are registered for the MA Linguistics at Leiden University.

The packages will be updated from time to time, so be sure to check back to this webpage once in a while.

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