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When deciding what to study you undoubtedly read a lot of information about your study programme. Leiden University employs various systems to provide information about programmes and courses and to facilitate communication between lecturers and students.

The Prospectus contains information about all the courses within your study programme. Here you can find all you need to know about your programme. Via the online learning environment Brightspace you can communicate with your lecturers and submit assignments.

The one-year (60 EC) master’s degree programme Russian and Eurasian Studies is a multidisciplinary programme in which Russia and the Eurasian region are studied in a broad geographical and disciplinary-scientific framework.

Programme information

The courses of Russian and Eurasian Studies are classified into two focus areas.

  • The first focus area (‘Politics, History & Economics’) within the master’s programme, containing the courses Politics & International Relations, History and Economics, concentrates on various aspects of modern Russian society, especially politics, international relations and economy, as well as the historical perspective in which these aspects are to be viewed.
  • The second focus area (‘Language, Linguistics & Culture’), containing the coursesLanguage & Society, Linguistics and Culture & Literature, concentrates on the linguistic, literary and cultural (cultural-historical) aspects of the Russian-speaking regions.

Both focus areas pay special attention to the programme’s Eurasian component: the political and historical position of the Russian Federation within the Eurasian continent, in particular the former Soviet states, as well as the position of the Russian language and culture in these areas.

For more programme details see the Prospectus.

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