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Study programme

When deciding what to study you undoubtedly read a lot of information about your study programme. Leiden University employs various systems to provide information about programmes and courses and to facilitate communication between lecturers and students.

The Prospectus contains information about all the courses within your study programme. Here you can find all you need to know about your programme. Via Blackboard you can communicate with your lecturers and submit assignments.

 The Course and Examination Regulations (OER in Dutch) and the Rules and Regulations set by the Boards of Examiners (R&R) can be found on the page Faculty and study programme regulations.

The ICT in Business and the Public Sector programme consists of around 20 courses and a thesis project. During the first semester a student chooses for one of the two tracks:

  • ICT in Business
  • ICT in the Public Sector

Courses are given in Leiden and The Hague. We advise students to find housing in Leiden. The courses are normally offered in a combination of (guest)lectures, company visits, case work, lab work, and student presentations. Many activities are based on team work. The 120 ECTS  programme structure is as follows:

Main Curriculum for both specialisations: EC Level
Global Business Game   1 400
Leading & Managing People 5 500
Strategy   5 500
Systems Optimization 3 500
Technology and Operations Management 4 500
ICT Architectures   6 500
ICT Enabled Process Innovation 3 500
Accounting*   3 500
Process Modelling*   3 500
Research Methods   5 500
Systems Development   3 500
Software Development & Product Management 6 500
Applied Research Methodology 4 500
Business Intelligence*   4 500
Specialisation (see below) 18 500
Electives   9 500
MSc Research Project   38 600
  Total 120  
Specialisation ICT in Business    
Entrepreneurship † 3 500
Marketing*   3 500
Marketing Analytics   3 500
Managing the Digital Business 3 500
Financial Management * † 3 500
Managing Innovation   3 500
Capstone Cases †   3 500
Courses marked  are obligatory courses.    
Out of the above courses, a total of at least 18 EC will have to be selected, including 9 EC of the three mandatory courses.
Courses marked  * are to be replaced by students with a Leiden University bachelor degree in Informatica & Economie.      
Specialisation ICT in the Public Sector    
Role of ICT in Public Administration 6 500
Digital Government-Citizen Interaction 3 500
Data-driven Policy Making 3 500
Working for the Government as ICT Expert 6 500


The master thesis research project is not necessarily, but often based on an in-company project in a complex organization like a Government Institution, a multinational or a bank. Duration: 6 months.


The electives allow you to individualize your programme and accommodate special interests. Examples: Lean Six Sigma, Cyber Security, Consultancy Skills, Management Science and Software Ecosystems. Taking electives abroad. More information about electives: see here.

The programme schedule is intense (with a regular course load of two academic years).

For detailed curriculum information, see our e-prospectus.

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