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Thesis and paper writing

When writing a thesis or paper you must make good use of the insights you have gained during your lectures and studies so far. You should also refer to relevant literature and carry out your own research on the topic.

One of the most important things you will learn during an academic study programme is how to write an interesting piece of work that meets the criteria of scientific quality, whilst also being accesible to the broader public.

Refer to our Study tips pages for more information on academic writing skills. 

Master thesis

During your second year in the master programme, you will have to start your Master's research project and start writing your Master Thesis. The thesis has to be written in English, unless the Board of Examiners allows another language. The following items need to be mentioned on the title page:

  • name of author
  • title of thesis
  • name of thesis advisor(s)
  • date of the exam
  • "Master thesis, Mathematisch Instituut, Universiteit Leiden"

Before the exam takes place, the candidate delivers an electronic version (preferably pdf-format) to the education coordinator for publication in the online archive of the Mathematical Institute.

Evaluation of your research project

Aspects that will be considered when the execution of the research is evaluated are:

  • systematic approach
  • ability to find necessary resources (literature, expert advice)
  • ability to plan, and to adapt plans to situation
  • autonomy of the student
  • ability to collaborate with other researchers

 Aspects that will be considered when your thesis is evaluated are:

  • originality, creativity, soundness
  • quality of the writing (clarity, accessibility, grammar and typography)
  • critical thinking
  • scientific level and scope
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