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Active co-participation

Co-participation is an important democratic right. At various levels (departmental, faculty, university or national) you can participate in decision-making and advisory processes concerning Leiden University and its education programmes.

If you become a member of a co-participation body, you are entitled to request financial support for board membership activities.

University & faculty councils and programme committees
Are you interested in playing an active role in the university or faculty council, or your programme committee? To gain a clearer picture of the various co-participation bodies, you are welcome to attend their public meetings. For more information about co-participation via the university and faculty councils, you can contact the parties that are active within these councils. You could also consider  founding your own party. If you would like to become a member of a programme committee, get in touch with your programme’s own committee.

Leiden Assessors Committee  

The Leiden Assessors Committee  (LAssO) is a consultative body made up of the student members of each faculty board.

Leiden University Student Platform

The Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) advises the Executive Board on matters of education and student affairs. The platform is also responsible for the awarding of the Leiden Teaching prize (Leidse Onderwijsprijs). All students are entitled to play an active role on the LUS.

National organisations

As a student of Leiden University you can also let your voice be heard in national organisations that represent the interests of students, for example the Dutch Student Union (LSVb), or the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (interurban students’ organisation). 

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council advises the Faculty Board solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters on Faculty level relating to teaching, research, and organisation. 


Half of the Faculty Council is elected from and by the staff, the other half from and by the students. The members of the Council are elected in accordance with the regulations concerning University elections (Dutch), as drawn up by the University Executive Board.

Bachelor's Programme Committee

The Bachelor's Programme Committee (in Dutch: BOC) acts as advisor to the Board of Education. In other to ensure a broad basis for advice, the Committee includes 6 students, in addition to one lecturer for each section.

The Bachelor's Programme Committee is responsible for the constant process of adjusting and modifying the education programme, for instance, by means of education evaluations, both small-scale and large-scale. The Committee is concerned with possible overlap between courses, whether courses follow up on each other, the exact formulation of regulations for teaching and examinations, etc. Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible in the resulting reorganisations of education.
Rules of Procedure of the Psychology Bachelor's Programme Committee


The BOC meets once a month. The sessions are open to the public. Students contribute to the BOC's activities through regular written education evaluations and evaluation panels. In addition, students can always approach members of the BOC with remarks concerning the programme.

More information

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International Student Platform for IBP students

Students of the International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP) who want to have a say in our programme are welcome to the International Student Platform IBP

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