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Board membership

Being on the board of a student association or organisation is a great way to gain work experience whilst having an unforgettable time with your fellow students.

Many students undertake board membership duties for one of the many associations and commissions in Leiden and The Hague during their studies.

Gaining work experience as a student is a great idea as it allows you to develop skills that will be a big asset in your professional life. But make sure to plan your time carefully and evaluate in advance whether succesfully combining your studies with board duties is achievable in your situation.

Financial options

If you fall behind in your studies or have to put your studies on hold for a year due to board membership duties, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Read more about financial support for student board members.

Certificate extracurricular activities

Leiden University is grateful to students who are willing to undertake board duties within the university organisation. Not only does this aid in the smooth-running of the university, it also contributes greatly to the personal development of our students.

To express our appreciation for these extracurricular activities, each student is presented with a certificate for the period in which he or she undertook board duties.

Requesting a certificate

In some situations, you will receive a certificate automatically by post. In others, you must request a certificate yourself.

Note: You may only request a certificate after you have ended your board activities.

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