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Double study programme

Is one study programme not challenging enough, or are you having trouble choosing between two programmes? If so, a double study programme might be the solution.

Some faculties offer a special double Bachelor’s programme, which takes into account the extra courses and exams you’ll be facing.

Of course you can also choose to follow two separate Bachelor’s programmes at the same time. But be aware that coordinating the two programmes is your own responsibility. Always check in advance which programmes can realistically be combined and draw up a clear plan of how you will successfully complete both programmes.

Double Bachelor Degree Studies BA/LL.B.

The goal of the Double Degree Studies is that students can graduate with a BA degree majoring in International Justice at LUC and a LL.B. degree at Leiden Law School (LLS) within four to five years. The BA degree from LUC is considered the primary degree and is obtained first after three years. Thereafter, students also acquire the LL.B. degree from LLS. The LL.B. degree gives access to the next steps in the process of obtaining civiel effect (being an appropriate LL.M. degree and the bar training). Through exemptions in both programmes, students can complete both programmes in a shorter time than taking them separately.

This programme is only for students who already have been accepted by LUC and who speak Dutch. During their first year at LUC, interested students can take the course Inleiding Bestuursrecht in addition to their LUC classes to test their suitability. If they pass the course at LLS and pass all courses at LUC, they can apply for admission to the Double Degree Studies programme.

Double Degree Studies is very challenging. Therefore, only the best LUC students from the International Justice Major can participate. Students considering this option, should keep in mind that the LL.B. programme is different from the LUC programme. It is large scale, including evening classes, and you will be expected to plan your own work very well. All courses at LLS are in Dutch, it is for Dutch speaking students only.

Students will only have to pay LUC fees. Once graduated from LUC and continuing with the LL.B., fees will have to be paid for LLS.

Note that for each programme (at LUC and LLS) the respective Course and Examination Regulations apply, including the Binding Study Advice requirements (45 EC per year at LUC, 30 EC per year at LLS as part-time student).

For more information, please contact LUC’s double degree studies coordinator, Dr. Darinka Piqani d.piqani@law.leidenuniv.nl.

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