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Lectures and activities

If you are looking for more challenge during your studies, you could broaden your knowledge by attending lectures and other activities. Events of this type are organised at university, faculty and study programme level.

Cleveringa lecture

Since the end of the German occupation, Leiden University has commemorated the protest speech made by Professor Cleveringa against the dismissal of  his Jewish colleagues in 1940. Every year, the university appoints a Cleveringa Professor who delivers the Cleveringa lecture on or around 26 November.

Around the same date, lectures are given by Leiden academics at roughly 40 locations both within and outside the Netherlands. These lectures are organised by the Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF).

Studium Generale

Studium Generale, or the general studies department, organises a range of academic activities such as lectures, symposia, film screenings and debates. These activities are intended for students, staff and the general public alike.

Lectures and activities

At LUC many events are organized. If you want to stay informed about the different events, please contact communication@luc.leidenuniv.nl  to our subscribe to our monthly overview.

It is also possible to organize events yourself. LUC The Hague appreciates students initiatives and events and would like to provide the needed space and support. In order to do this in a safe way it is important for the LUC College Board to be aware of planned events.

The LUC building is a University building and falls as such under University responsibility.The College Board takes full responsibility of all activities organised on the Academic Campus (floor 1-4). We are responsible in terms of security and safety; we cannot risk a situation in which security has not been taken care of. There are risks in having four or five meetings at the same time with only one security guard on duty, in case of fire or other calamities. This is especially the case if these events are attended by people from outside the college community who may not know our safety procedures. That's why it is important for the College Board to be aware of all events taking place at LUC.

As stated above, we do appreciate proactive and creative students, but we cannot host ad hoc events organised in our building without previous notice and approval of the College Board. Having multiple events on one evening may mean that we have to hire extra security for example. In order to make sure that events organised on campus are known to all members as well as well as to keep track of safety issues, the College Board has set some rules regarding events:

  • Students need to hand in a request for events/meetings three weeks prior to the event
  • In this request you state the purpose of the event, if it is an internal (within LUC community) or external event, the (lecture) rooms you need, how many people will attend the event etc.
  • All requests will be handled by Marleen van Koetsveld (secretarial management support), decisions will be taken by the Operational Manager Kim Duistermaat 

Please note: If you would like to organize a bigger event with an external party, please keep in mind that this usually means more than just making a room available: extra security staff will need to be hired, you will need coat stands, coffee and tea, other things. LUC does not have the finances or staff to support this and, if approved, these costs will need to be paid by the organization in charge of this event.

Please check below if your event requires registration

  Type of event/time Number of participants Type of room Form/approval needed Comment
1 Meetings/events until 20.30 <30 Class Room 2nd or 3rd floor No Please book a room via the Student Information Desk/Samantha Burger
2 Meetings/events that finish after 20.30 <30 Class Room 2nd or 3rd floor Yes, 3 weeks prior to the meeting/event Extra security is needed after 20.30
3 Meetings/events in the Auditorium >30 Auditorium Yes, 3 weeks prior to the meting/event

We need to approve all auditorium requests

4 Meetings/events on the 1st floor until 22.30   1st floor No  
5 Meetings/events on the 1st floor that finish after 22.30 (and are not organised by Coasters)   1st floor Yes, 3 weeks prior to the meeting/event  

Please note:

  1. Try to plan your meetings/events to end before 20.30: this is because after this time, if extra security is needed, we need to book a minimum of 3 hours of extra security which is quite expensive. This will be a criterium in approving or not approving the requested meeting or event.
  2. Please make sure to leave the classroom in the same state and set up as you entered it.
  3. If you invite external guests for your meeting/event (more than 15), please make sure to mention this when booking a room via the Student Information Desk (this is so we can  inform the reception desk).
  4. Coasters events: We have made arrangements with Coasters. The Coasters board knows how to apply for extended opening hours and we have decided on a frequency per block regarding this.
  5. With regard to point 4: It is not very likely that we will be able to approve requests for events in category 5 (see table above) very often because we have already decided on the frequency of Coasters events per block and extra security is always needed and is, as said before, quite expensive.
  6. As the 2nd floor (outside of the classrooms) should be a designated study area, we will be quite reserved in approving meetings/events on the 2nd floor.
  7. We have to retain the 3 weeks’ notice requirement prior to the meeting/event due to the time frame our security agency deals with: 4 weeks prior to the event, with a minimum of 2 weeks. If we arrange extra security only 2 weeks prior to the event we pay far more than we pay if we arrange it 4 weeks prior to the event (these rules are set in the collective labour agreement of security officers and therefore not subject to change).

Event Application

If you wish to book a room and/or organise an event, please fill in the our online event application form.

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