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Arranging graduation

You're about to graduate. That means there’s a lot to be arranged. The university expects you to take certain steps, as does your faculty and/or institute. Your faculty has various regulations and procedures in place that you need to follow carefully when arranging your graduation.

Steps towards graduation

Graduation means there’s a lot to be arranged. Below you will find a general overview of the steps to be taken. Make sure to first read the information provided by your faculty and department, as regulations and procedures can vary.

  1. You receive the final grade needed to fulfil your examination requirements.
  2. You request graduation: look under the faculty/study programme tab to find out exactly what steps your programme requires you to take to arrange graduation. You may receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’. This message will explain the options available if you wish to delay graduation.
  3. Your student registration will not automatically be cancelled when you graduate. You have to cancel your registration yourself via Studielink. However de-registration is not compulsory if you have a reason for not wishing to do so. Make sure to carefully read the information on de-registering or re-registering.

Requesting postponement of graduation

If you receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’, but you don’t yet want to graduate because you are taking additional courses or an internship that you want to be mentioned on your final transcript, you can request postponement of graduation.

Conditions of postponement

The maximum duration of postponement you can request is until you have been registered on your study programme for the official programme duration plus one additional year. For Bachelor’s programmes this is 3+1 years, for most Master’s programmes this is 1+1 year. If you are more than a year behind in your studies your request will not be granted.

Official regulations on postponing graduation

The regulations and agreements concerning the postponement of graduation have been laid down by Leiden University Executive Board in the Leiden University Regulations on Postponing Graduation.


In order to be admitted to graduation, every student must have fulfilled all requirements of the Master’s programme of Political Science.


The Institute of Political Science expects the highest scholarly effort and achievement from students. Individual courses are examined in the form of written assignments, participation, and/or presentations. Timely completion of degree requirements is expected. The requirements of the programme are met when all courses have been passed successfully and the Master’s thesis has been approved.

All students who fulfill the requirements will be notified via uSis. The email you receive from uSis also mentions the possibility and procedure that you will need to follow in case of deferral. Please check your uMail regularly!

Thesis procedure

Students should take into account that their supervisors may take up to three weeks to make an assessment of the final version of the thesis and that supervisors are not available for consultation and assessment through July-August.

For the procedure of writing your thesis, also see the course prospectus of the respective master's programme.

Graduation and receiving your diploma

You can receive your diploma through one of these two procedures:

(1) Graduation ceremony

You can receive your diploma during a graduation ceremony. This ceremony will take place on fixed dates (see below). Please note the deadline for submission of the information sheet for your application for the graduation in the schedule below.

(2) Diploma request

You can pick up your diploma at the Student Services Centre (SSC) or have your diploma sent to your private address. Please note that the preparation of the diploma will take about 4 – 6 weeks. (If you opt for having your diploma posted to you, you do so at your own risk. Leiden University will not be held responsible for items that go missing in the post).


  • Grades : In order to be admitted to graduation, every student must have fulfilled all requirements of the master programme. This means that all grades, for all courses and thesis, must be known and registered before the end of the academic year (31 August). As soon as all grades are in, Usis will notify the student that all requirements for graduation are fulfilled. The email you receive from uSis also mentions the possibility and procedure that you will need to follow in case of deferral. Please check your uMail regularly!
  • Thesis :Both supervisors need; a copy;of the final version of the thesis, on paper (hard copy) as well as in digital form. An identical PDF-version of the final thesis must be submitted to the first supervisor as well. This PDF will be uploaded to the publicly accessible Student Repositorium by the Student Services Centre.
  • Finances : All financial requirements with the Students Info Centre must be fulfilled. Please use the form on https://leidenuniv.faqtory.nl/questionForm?lang=en or call (+3171 527 8011) to contact the front office for any additional questions.

Please note that the information sheet for graduation that is sent to you by the administration has to be filled in and sent back at all times. This includes whether or not you will actually graduate/decide to graduate. If you do not (wish to) graduate, please make sure that this is stated clearly on the form before you send it back. Please send the form to the SSC.

Also keep in mind that if you do not complete all requirements of the programme by 31 August, you have to re-register and pay for the new academic year which starts on 1 September. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our examination staff at the SSC.


The Masters-level programmes of Leiden University's Institute of Political Science attract students from a variety of countries. The grading systems of these countries are often quite different from the Dutch system. Given the variety of grading systems, we cannot and do not provide grade translations (just as universities abroad do not provide grades according to the Dutch scale). Grades above 9 are rarely awarded. At Leiden University, the grade of 5.5 does not exist. The Dutch scale should be interpreted as follows:

8.0 - 10  Excellent
7.0 - 7.9   Good  
6.0 - 6.9 Fair
0.0 - 5.9 Fail

Cum Laude

Read more about the Cum Laude regulation in the Course and Examination Regulations. Search for article 4.6 in the document 'Rules and Regulations Examination Committee'.

De-registering or changing your registration

If you complete or discontinue your programme at any point during the academic year please make sure you cancel your registration. This is done through Studielink.

Please check your uMail regularly!

Graduation ceremony date and application deadline

Graduation Ceremony: 19 March 2020

Deadline for application: 15 January 2020

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