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Awarding of diploma

Once you complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree you will be awarded your diploma during a celebratory graduation ceremony. Some study programmes also have ceremonies for the awarding of first-year (propedeuse) diplomas or other important achievements. The awarding of your diploma is always arranged by your faculty or study programme.

Graduation ceremonies are always arranged by your study programme or faculty. 


After you have applied for master's degree and your diploma registration has been processed by the OSC, you will receive a personal message about the time and details of the graduation ceremony. If students adhere to the following deadlines they can rely on the ceremony dates in the document aswell.

If you cannot be present at the ceremony you can pick up your diploma at the OSC during office hours. If you are unable to pass by. The OSC can, only by rare exception, send you your diploma, but at your own risk. The OSC can only issue a diploma one time.

Deregistration in Studielink

Don't forget to deregister from Studielink. You need to do this in the month you graduate. The deregistration date will be the 1st of the month after your graduation. When asked for the reason of deregistration, please check the box that you do this because you graduate.

Students don't get a refund for the months July and August.

For questions about Studielink, refunds etc., please contact Front Office Student Affairs through the form or call: 071 527 8011. Or read more on de-registration after graduating.

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