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Awarding of diploma

Once you complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree you will be awarded your diploma during a celebratory graduation ceremony. Some study programmes also have ceremonies for the awarding of first-year (propedeuse) diplomas or other important achievements. The awarding of your diploma is always arranged by your faculty or study programme.

Graduation ceremonies are always arranged by your study programme or faculty. 

Collecting your diploma from the Student Services Centre

As from one day after the graduation ceremony, you can collect your diploma at the desk of the Student Services Centre during opening hours. Please bring your ID.

Authorising someone else to collect your diploma

It is also possible to authorise someone else to collect your diploma. Please fill out the authorisation form and make sure that the person collecting your diploma hands in the following documents at the Student Services Centre:

Graduation ceremony

You can complete your degree in any month. However, graduation ceremonies are held twice a year:

Date of last grade

 Degree Completion Date

IBP Graduation Ceremony


January 2020 or before

31 January 2020 or before

Friday March 20, 2020

July 2020 or berfore

31 July 2020 or before
(last workday of that month)

Wednesday August 26, 2020


About two weeks before the official graduation ceremony, you will receive an invitation specifying the exact time and place.

Collecting your degree certificate

If you cannot attend the official graduation ceremony, please contact the Student Services Centre as soon as possible. You will be able to collect your degree certificate as of one day after the official graduation ceremony.

Please take note of the correct procedure.

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