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Welcome to Leiden University

You are about to start your studies at Leiden University. Make sure you are well prepared and get your studies off to a good start.

Changes due to corona measures 

Some of the facilities and activities mentioned below may be changed or adapted due to corona measures. Click through to the webpage of the facility or activity in question to find the latest information. 

Also take a look at the Studying in times of corona website. Here you can find up-to-date information about online study and other matters that might be slightly different at the moment. 

To arrange before your studies

An introduction week is the best way to get to know your new city, student life and your fellow students.

Adapted programme due to corona measures
As a result of the corona situation, alternative programmes have been arranged that will consist of both online and on-location activities. Of course, the organisers will make sure that all the necessary precautionary measures are in place. 

Read more about introduction weeks  

As a student of Leiden University you’ll receive a student account (ULCN account). This gives you access to the university’s systems and work stations. You'll first need to activate your ULCN account.

Read more about ULCN accounts

Your LU card is your university ID card. It gives you access to a range of facilities. Make sure to request your LU card before starting your studies.

Read more about the LU card

You can enrol for courses and exams via uSis or at your education administration office.

Read more about course and exam enrolment

Make sure you know where you have to be and when on your first day.

Read more about schedules and classrooms

Find out which study materials you will need and how to obtain them.

Read more about books and study materials 

Familiarise yourself with the study facilities

Your student card is your proof of registration as a student of Leiden University.

Find out how and when you will receive your student card

All the details of your studies are recorded in uSis. From your first registration as a student until your graduation.

Read more about uSis

Brightspace is Leiden University’s online learning environment.

Read more about Brightspace

In the Prospectus you can find information about the courses within your study programme.

Take a look in the Prospectus

As a student of Leiden University you will be issued with a university email address: uMail. All correspondence from the university will be sent to this address. You can set up your uMail account so that all mails will be forwarded to your own email address.

Read more about uMail

The indispensable app for Leiden University students. Here you can find all your personal study information in one place. Log in once and access your schedule, results, available computers and university news anytime and anyplace.

Download the app

Here, on the student website, you can find a wide range of practical information about your studies. By selecting your programme when logging in, you can view information that is relevant to you. Find out how to get the most out of the student website

Changes due to corona measures

Also take a look at the Studying in times of corona website. Here you can find up-to-date information about online study and other matters that might be slightly different at the moment. 

Find out about the IT facilities and other services that you can make use of when studying online. 

Get more out of student life

By joining an association you'll meet lots of people and get more out of student life. As well as student and study associations, there are also a range of social associations in Leiden and The Hague, for example sports, religious or cultural associations.  

Read more about associations

As a student of Leiden University, you have access to a wide range of affordable sports via the University Sport Centre (USC) in Leiden and The Hague.

USC Leiden

USC The Hague

The start of your master's in Psychology

On this page you will find all the information you need to have a good start with your master's specialisation.

Due to the coronavirus, education and studying at Leiden University will be different from usual in 2020-2021. Per programme the ratio of online and physical education might differ. For Psychology we have decided to offer 100% of education online for the first semester.

We still want you to have a great studying experience however. Therefore, additional activities will be organized alongside the mandatory online program. Of course, we will take the development of the corona virus and the governmental guidelines into account. 

Keep an eye on the page 'Studying: What will it be like in the near future for first year students?' as well for up to date information and updates about the new academic year and the coronavirus.

Master's Kick Off Day

At the Master's Kick Off you will receive information about your specialisation and the University. Additionally, you will have the chance to ask questions to study advisers and current students. You will also meet fellow students.

Due to the corona situation, the Master's Kick Off day will take place online. More information on the Master's Kick Off and a schedule of that day will follow soon.

Studying at Leiden University

Unfortunately, education will be different from usual due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. As stated before, all education of the first semester will be offered in an online format. We would like to decrease the distance between you, your teachers and your classmates as much as possible. Therefore, we will offer additional on-site activities. Of course, we must consider your safety and therefore take into account the developments of the coronavirus and the guidelines provided by the Dutch Ministry of Health. We realize that coming to these activities won't be possible for everyone, as such the additional activities will not be mandatory.

Living in the Netherlands

Since all education will be held online, with only additonal activities on campus where possible, you might wonder whether you will need to move to Leiden for the first semester. Since all mandatory education will be online, and on campus activities are only additional, it will not be a problem if you cannot attend these activities in person. Eventually there will be a gradual transition to physical on-site education, thus, finding housing on time is strongly recommended.

Updates about studying in Leiden in light of the corona situation is provided on: Studying: what will it be like in the near future for first year students?

Start preparing!

Are you already busy preparing for the start of your master's programme? Did you pay your tuition fees? Maybe you are looking for a room? Coming to a new university and city takes lots of preparation. Or perhaps you did your bachelor's in Leiden and you can't wait to continue your master's? 

For all international students, this information is indispensable:

For all students

You will find tips on room search, student card and more.

Advice from international student Juri: "Start looking for a flat early. The first few months I stayed in a caravan, because I was late with my search and rooms are scarce. It got very cold in winter. There is a lot on your mind as you start studying, so it really helps if you already have a place to stay.”

Psychology books

Can't wait to begin? If you are curious about the books you will be using in your first block you can order them through the webstore of our Study Association Labyrint. If you are a member of Labyrint, you receive a discount on books! Check in the Prospectus what literature you will be using for each course.

Please note: Shipping by Labyrint is only possible to addresses in the Netherlands. You can buy the books in different stores too but please pay attention to buying the book with the correct ISBN code to make sure you have the right version.


You can order readers for your courses, using your Leiden University Community Network (ULCN)-account. Try to arrange this before the start of your programme. The readers will also be available online in our Brightspace digital learning environment.

Advice from master student Ruth: "For the master I really recommend buying (or borrowing) books. You can read books in the library, but sometimes they are taken. Or try to borrow or buy books from other students who already did the course. I can tell from experience that summaries aren't sufficient in the master."

Useful apps and websites

Our ICT services, including the Leiden University App, help to make studying easier. In the app you will find all kinds of services, which you can start using once you received a ULCN account. Click on the tabs to read more about these services:

As a student of Leiden University you will receive an uMail address, where you can log in with your ULCN account. All correspondence from the university will be sent via uMail. Make sure to check it regularly, so you stay informed. Tip: You can forward the mails to your private email address.

The overview of dates and times of lectures, work groups and examinations can be found in Schedule overviews. Curious when holidays and exams will be? We made a special Psychology Calendar.

Details about courses you will be taking, can be found in the Prospectus.

Several online and offline facilities are available for students. For example, you can work out at the University Sports Centre, reserve a study spot in one of our buildings or use the libraries. Additionally, you can use online tools such as Microsoft Onedrive, Office 365 and Teams.

At the website Facilities, Services and IT you can find more information about how to make use of these facilities in times of corona.

As explained before, course registration for the first semester is done via the survey. Registrations for additional courses and examinations is done via uSis. In uSis you can also find your personal schedule. 

To register for exams, find more info on Course and exam enrolment. Do you want to see how that works? Then watch this video about exam registration in uSis.

Additional to the regular lessons we use a digital learning environment called Brightspace. Here, instructors place additional information about their course. You do not have to do anything with this before the beginning of the academic year. You will be enrolled automatically in the courses you are taking by your instructor.

Watch this video about Brightspace to get an idea how it works. For full instructions on how to use Brightspace please read the manual at the Support Site Brightspace.

Advice from master student Marjolein: "Make a planning for the upcoming blocks during the first block of your master specialisation. Now you know better what to expect and how to manage. See what mandatory and elective courses you want to do, when these are offered, when you would like to finish your thesis and start with your internship. There's already so much to think about; I definitely recommend you to think this through a.s.a.p. so you won't come to the conclusion that you started to late with searching for an internship".

More information?

Do you have more questions? Here are some more sources of information:

  • The handy welcome booklet
    This contains everything you need to know for a good start to your studies. You will find an online version of this booklet on this website very soon
  • The master study advisors
    For questions about your study, you can contact our Study Advisors.
  • The master student ambassador
    With pressing questions about studying and student life, you can email Ruth.

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