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Other facilities

Some faculties and study programmes offer special education and research spaces, as well as other additional study facilities.

Take a look under your faculty or study programme tab for more information.


Ellips is a program to train your language skills. Find out more about Ellips through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you still have a question, consult the Quick Start Guide Ellips and the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Enrolling and logging in

Log on to Ellips with your ULCN-account. First enroll for Ellips via your teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your log on code is identical to your ULCN-account (it starts with an s followed by 7 digits; sxxxxxxx). If the error still occurs, contact the Ellips helpdesk.

When there is a problem with your ULCN-account/password combination you can contact the ISSC helpdesk by telephone 071-527 8888. They will change the password and inform you. See above under "Can't login?"

When a wrong password is entered, an error occurs. To prevent this from happening the log on screen needs to be reloaded, this can be done through the following link.

Notify the helpdesk and it will be corrected.

Maybe you are not using the check button (at the bottom of your screen, in the centre) to verify your answers.

Other questions?

If you still have a question, consult the Quick Start Guide Ellips or fill in this question form

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