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Study spaces

Are you looking for a quiet place to study, with or without a computer? You can find study spaces within your faculty building, in the libraries and at Plexus Student Centre.

Student workstations

At the student workstations you can log-in using your account. Every workstation is equipped with a basic software package.

If you are experiencing technical problems with a workstation or have other ICT-related questions, go to the helpdesk portal

Faculty buildings

Every faculty building has student workstations. You’re welcome to study in any faculty building, irrespective of your study programme.

Check the available workstations: 


There are 1800 work stations in the libraries, with and without computers.

Student Centre


You can find both computer rooms and study rooms at Plexus Student Centre.

The Hague

You can find a study room at Beehive Student Centre.

Flyers, gluing and other promotional activities

From her responsibility to the community and the environment, FWN has drawn up clear guidelines regarding "Flyers and gluing". This is to keep the current flow of information manageable and to prevent paper waste.
These guidelines are intended for (commercial) organisations and/ or institutes/ departments that want to publish, display or otherwise promote activities within or around the faculty.


Flyers are subject to a general prohibition within the faculty. Placing stands or distributing flyers or advertising brochures, is also prohibited, both inside and outside the FWN buildings.

Stick on

•It is important that the topic on the posters is relevant to a large group of staff/ students, and preferably has a link with the study or research.
•Advertising and political and discriminatory statements are not allowed.
•Posting may only be done at the designated locations.

Promotional activities

For questions regarding the possibilities, please contact the Faculty Board.

General display house rules

• Unambiguous appearance of poster locations, both in furnishing and in facilities.
•The display locations are unambiguously chosen by Facility Affairs.
•Poster boards can be made temporarily available in consultation with Facility Management, if this has been requested in advance and a clear period has been agreed. It is important that the applicant knows that it is temporary.
•If institutes / departments still need more space for their communication, they can request this and this will be discussed within Facility Affairs.
•Institutes determine the layout of their corridors themselves; considering the general building rules in the field of signage, safety and art & curiosities. If this does not happen or damage occurs, this will be recorded with the institute manager.

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