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There are several departments within the university that can assist you with malfunctions or problems with your account, your LU-Card, a student workstation or other ICT services. Take a look below for information on who to contact for what.

Before seeking assistance it’s advisable to first check under incidents whether any maintenance is being carried out on our ICT facilities.

After reporting a malfunction you will receive a report number by uMail. Always quote this report number if you need to contact us with further questions. This will allow us to assist you more swiftly.

Maintenance & technical issues


Some facilities work less efficiently, or not at all, when maintenance is being carried out. Fixed schedules have been set for regular maintenance. For most ICT facilities this is the first Monday evening of the month between 20:00 and 2:00, and the first Tuesday morning of the month between 7:30 and 8:30. However for uSis it is every Friday between 17:00 and 18:00.

If maintenance takes longer than expected or has a substantial impact on students an incident notice will be placed on our homepage.
Maintenance Calendar (in Dutch)

Technical issues

Current information about technical issues (partly Dutch)

Problem with your account or ICT facilities?

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties with your account or our ICT facilities and there is no maintenance being carried out, please take a look in our FAQs for students or consult our manuals. If you can’t find the answer to your question, get in touch with the relevant department using the contact details below. Remember that you should always contact the administration department of your programme for study-specific questions.

Student account (ULCN)

You’ll find the answers to most student account-related questions in the student FAQ or on the student account webpage. If you can't find the answer to your question, please visit the helpdesk portal.


  • You’ll find the answers to most LU-Card-related questions in the FAQ.
  • For personal assistance, visit one of the LU-Card student helpdesks. They can help you with questions and problems, take your photograph and activate or block your LU-Card right away. See the LU-card page for your nearest helpdesk
  • You can also contact the central helpdesk via 071 - 527 2727 or lu-card@leidenuniv.nl. (Please remember to state your account name.)


You’ll find the answers to most Brightspace-related questions on the Brightspace Support Site. If you can't find the answer to your question, please visit the helpdesk portal.


You’ll find the answers to most uSis-related questions in the FAQ
Remember that if you have a study-related question you should always contact your programme's administrative office. For other questions please visit the helpdesk portal.


You’ll find the answers to most uMail-related questions in the student FAQ or on the uMail manual.


If you are experiencing technical problems with a workstation or have other ICT-related questions, go to the helpdesk portal.


If you are having difficulty printing with your LU-Card you can complete this form and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Please report malfunctioning printers at a Quick Service Points or the UFB Servicedesk. Let us know the printer number when reporting the problem.

Central support services

The university has several central support services: ISSC Helpdesks, UFB Servicedesks and LU-Card Helpdesks. 

ISSC Helpdesk

You can contact an ISSC Helpdesk with questions about your account, student workstations and other ICT services. The central ISSC helpdesk can be reached via: 
071 – 527 8888 

There are also a number of de-centralised helpdesks. You can find their locations and contact details below or under the 'faculty' tab. If they are unable to assist you they will refer you to someone who can. 

UFB Servicedesk

The UFB Servicedesk is the central point at which you can report malfunctioning vending machines, request information about classrooms, drop off keys or report minor issues with buildings. In fact anything to do with buildings and classrooms. You can also contact the UFB Servicedesks for any issues concerning prining/copying with your LU-card. 

Visit your local UFB Servicedesk or get in touch using the contact form for the servicedesk in question. 

Local helpdesks

Please check the faculty tab for information about your local helpdesk. Alternatively, you could visit the local helpdesks at either Plexus Student Centre or the university library.

Plexus Student Centre 

Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden

Student Affairs Front Office
Opening times and services
071 – 527 8011 or Front Office contact form 

University library

Witte Singel 27 
2311 BG Leiden 

Ground floor
Monday to Friday 8.30-24.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-23.00
071 – 527 2800 or UBL contact form

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