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Exchange programmes offer an easy way to study abroad. You’ll study at a university that has an agreement with Leiden University and, in return, a student from that university will come to study here.

Corona measures

If you are planning on studying abroad, the coronavirus situation can certainly be a cause for uncertainty. By following the advice and guidelines on the Health and Safety page, you can minimise any potential (financial) risks as much as possible. Still unsure whether it’s a good idea to study abroad at the moment? Read the university’s advice.

Also take a look at the study abroad and corona FAQs.

Characteristics of exchange programmes

  • You will apply via Leiden University and must meet certain eligibility criteria.
  • There are limited spaces available, so you are not guaranteed a place on an exchange programme. Leiden University selects students on the basis of their grades and motivation.
  • Exchange programmes are inexpensive. You will remain registered as a student of Leiden University and won’t need to pay additional tuition fees to your host university.
  • If you get advance permission from your Board of Examiners, the credits you earn can be counted towards your study programme at Leiden University.

Two types of exchange

There are two types of exchange programme:

  1. University-wide
  2. Via a faculty or study programme

Characteristics of university-wide exchange

  • As a rule, for students of all disciplines. Conditions may apply.
  • At your host university, you can generally follow courses offered by any programme or faculty.
  • All destinations are outside Europe.
  • The programme is organised by the international exchange coordinator for university-wide exchange, whom you can contact with any questions.

Characteristics of exchange via a faculty or study programme

  • Only for students from specific study programmes or faculties.
  • You may only follow courses offered by specific study programmes or faculties at your host university.
  • Destinations are both within Europe (Erasmus+) and outside Europe.
  • The programme is organised by the international exchange coordinator at your faculty or programme, whom you can contact with any questions.
Exchange in South Korea. (Photo: Anna Hommel)
Exchange in South Korea. (Photo: Anna Hommel)

Exchange places still available: apply for second round by 15 May!

Would you like to do an exchange semester abroad in spring 2023 via Leiden Law School? You still can!  

Until 15 May 2022 at 23:59 you can apply for the second selection round. Select max 5 destinations from this list of remaining places. For further details on each destination, see the world map and previous students' study abroad reports.

How to apply:

  • Make sure you meet all requirements.
  • Submit your application according to the instructions on this page (select the Law tab). Don’t forget to upload your CV and proof of language skills.
  • Make sure to only select destinations from the list of remaining places!

Grab your chance and apply! There are still many beautiful, exciting and interesting destinations available.

Why study abroad?

As a law or criminology student, it’s a good idea to study abroad for a half year (or more). You’ll get to know a different legal system and, after all, crime is an international phenomenon. On top of that, you’ll improve your language skills and gain intercultural experience.

Studying abroad is not only good for your personal development, it's also interesting and fun. In many cases, the credits you earn abroad can also be counted towards your Leiden Law School study programme. 

Check the Studying in times of Corona website to stay up to date on the latest situation concerning studying abroad.

Exchange programmes

  Faculty exchange University-wide exchange
Where Within and outside Europe Outside Europa
For who? Leiden Law School students All Leiden University students
Contact person Leiden Law School Office for International Education University-wide inernational exchange coordinators
Institutions Faculty partner institutions University partner institutions
Deadline 15 January 1 December

Information sessions

Would you like to know more about studying abroad? During the Study Abroad Festival (5-9 October) you will learn everything you need to know about studying abroad. Due to the Corona measures, this time the festival will be an online event spread over a week. Our faculty will organize an online information session on Monday, October 5 from 14-15, which will be repeated on Thursday, October 8 from 11-12. The entire program and information about registration can be found here.

Information sessions - Global Lounge
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