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To arrange upon your return

Have your credits recognised

Before departure, did you get approval for the credits you earn abroad to be counted towards your studies in Leiden (see ‘to arrange before departure’)? If so, you need to have your credits recognised upon your return.

In general, your host university will send your transcript directly to the international exchange coordinator, who will pass it on to your study programme. You can check that your credits have been recognised by looking in uSis or visiting your education administration office.


Your experiences and tips are a great source of information for other students who would like to study abroad at the same university. Upon your return, remember to write a report about your stay using this study abroad report template. You will receive an email reminding you to do so.  

Help other students on their way

With your study abroad experience, you can help other students on their way to their own international adventure:

  • Pre-departure event (university-wide exchange)
    Meet students who are going to study at your host university and share your experiences with them. The pre-departure event takes place in April.
  • Study Abroad Festival
    Share your experiences with students who are thinking of studying abroad. The Study Abroad Festival takes place in October.  
  • Study Abroad photo and film contest
    Capture your study abroad adventure on film and win prizes.

If you have been away on exchange, you will receive an invitation to take part in all these events.

International Student Network

Would you like to be part of the international student community upon your return? If so, join the  International Student Network Leiden. It’s a great way to meet students from all over the world, share experiences and keep that international feeling!

Also take a look under your faculty or programme tab

If your faculty or programme has additional steps that you need to take upon your return, these will be explained under your faculty or programme tab.

Photo: Fabianne Nagtegaal

Welcome back in Leiden!

We hope you have enjoyed your study abroad experience. Upon return, there are a couple of things you need to do to finalize your stay abroad:

Final report

After your study or internship abroad you are requested to complete a final report of max. 2 typewritten A4 pages with at least 2 photos.  

When you have completed the form, please save the final report as: 
Study_Last Name_2017_Country_Name Host Organization.docx 
Example: Physics_Bakker_2017_UK_Oxford University.docx
Please do not send it as a pdf, so we can anonymize your report for Blackboard.

Please send the final report within two months after your study or internship period abroad to: outgoing@science.leidenuniv.nl. If you do not want your anonymized report be uploaded at our Blackboard community, let us know.

Final steps Erasmus+ or Lustra+

To finalize the Erasmus+ or Lustra+ grant, you need to complete a final form. This form needs to be signed by the Faculty’s International Office. Please note: your final form will only be signed, after receiving your student report. You will need to send the signed form to the Scholarship Department - SEA: outbound@sea.leidenuniv.nl

If you do not submit the form within the timelines given in the decision letter, the Scholarship Department – SEA can claim back a part or the entire grant from you. 

Transcript of Records

If you have followed courses abroad, the exchange university will send an official transcript of records to your home address or to the Faculty’s International Office. After receiving your transcript of records, the Faculty’s International Office will send the transcript forward to the Board of Examiners of your degree programme.

The Board of Examiners will check your transcript with your approved learning agreement and discuss the conversion of your grades. You will receive a conversion letter and your grades will be sent to the Student  Science Education and Student Office.

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