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Going abroad independently

Instead of going on exchange, you could choose to go abroad independently. This is an option if you want to go to a destination that doesn’t have an exchange agreement with Leiden University, or if you missed out on an exchange place.

Students who go abroad independently are known as ‘free movers’. As a free mover you will need to make a lot of arrangements yourself. Important considerations are:  

  • Safe destination
    You may not go on exchange in a country for which negative travel advice has been issued. Visit the Health and safety page for more information.  
  • Double tuition fees
    As a free mover, you will have to pay tuition fees to your host university, whilst also remaining registered and paying tuition fees at Leiden University.
  • Arrange your own application
    As a free mover you must arrange your own application to the university abroad. Leiden University is unable to assist you with your application.
Photo: Lieuwe van Slooten
Photo: Lieuwe van Slooten
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