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Internships, research and fieldwork

Each faculty and some study programmes have their own guidelines and procedures for internships, research and fieldwork abroad. Take a look under your faculty and programme tab for more information, or speak to your faculty international exchange coordinator.


Student Research Mobility Programme

If you want to do research abroad, you could consider the STREAM (Student Research Mobility) programme. This is an exchange programme between Leiden University and six other LERU universities (League of European Research Universities).

Negative travel advice? Check your destination

You may not go on exchange in a country for which negative travel advice has been issued. Check here if your destination is safe. This webpage is in Dutch, but by entering the country name (Dutch spelling) you can view the safety status on a map. If your destination is red or orange, you may not go there.

More information

Read more about internships, research and fieldwork abroad.

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The internship abroad

Students may wish to undertake an internship abroad during their studies. As a first step to doing an internship abroad, please see the information about the internship abroad.

The regulations regarding internships can be found under Internship, career & work.

Research and fieldwork

If you want to carry out fieldwork or a research project abroad, you need to arrange it yourself. Often your thesis supervisor can help you to identify the places you should go.

Students are only allowed go to regions designated with Green (No safety risks) and Yellow (Beware! Safety risks). Students cannot go to areas designated Orange (Only necessary travels) or Red (No travel).

1. Before you start organising your internship you must check the safety of your destination, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Board of Examiners will not take your application for an internship abroad into consideration if the destination is not safe. 

2. Register your travel itinerary with the Humanities International Office prior to departure. (This step is also necessary if you apply for a humanities scholarship.)

3. Register your in-country contact information after arrival at your destination.

Please also read the chapters Health and Safety and Financial matters as part of your preparation process.

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