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Entire Master's programme

More and more students are choosing to do an (additional) Master’s programme abroad after completing their Leiden Bachelor or Master. 

If you choose to do so you should keep the following in mind:

  • if you do an entire Master’s programme abroad you are no longer a student of Leiden University. You are instead a student of the university abroad;
  • this means you must register as a student and pay tuition fees to the university abroad;
  • you are responsible for your own application;
  • you are not guaranteed admission. You will have to meet the admission requirements of the university abroad.

Be aware that you can never do a full Master’s programme abroad via an exchange agreement. You can find information on admission requirements and procedures, as well as the necessary (online) application forms, on the website of your chosen university abroad.

Start early

Application procedures for entire study programmes can be very time consuming and deadlines are often far in advance of the start of the programme. It is therefore essential that you initiate procedures as early as you can. A year in advance is not too soon. You might find that additional information is requested from you, for example students going to the United States often have to take a GRE-test. This can take some time. Students who intend studying in the States can get help and support from Fullbright.  

Recognition of your diploma

Once you return to the Netherlands the Master’s diploma that you earned abroad must be evaluated and recognised by DUO. Make sure to read the page about recognition of academic credits.

It is now possible, in some circumstances, to continue receiving Dutch student finance whilst studying for a Master’s abroad.

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