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Upon your return

Once you get back from your studies abroad there are still a few matters that need to be taken care of.


If you would like the courses you followed abroad to count towards your studies at Leiden University you must make sure that your academic credits are recognised by the university. It is also essential that you obtain a transcript from your university abroad showing the courses you followed.


Once you return from your studies abroad you are expected to write a report about your experiences (download a study abroad report template here). Your report shouldn’t just tell us about the great time you had. It should also contain handy tips and practical information about the university and country in which you studied. This can be really useful for other students who are thinking about studying abroad at the same university.

If you are taking part in an Erasmus+ programme this report is also essential for the approval of your grant. As soon as you return from your Erasmus period abroad you must submit the following two documents:

  1. A statement of host institution
  2. Your report

These two documents are very important and late submission can have serious consequences for your grant. Make sure your university abroad completes and issues a statement of host institution before you leave. If you lose this statement please send an email to outbound@sea.leidenuniv.nl right away. Leiden University must submit a financial report to Nuffic at the end of each academic year on the basis of all submitted statements. This financial report determines the total amount of funds that can be allocated to students.

Welcome back meeting

All returnees are requested to attend the SEA welcome back meeting in February (details to be announced) during which you can share your experiences with fellow returnees and also give us feedback on all matters related to your exchange. This is an important meeting that enables us to improve our services, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Update your CV

Research has shown that students with international experience have a head start on the job market. So it’s important to make sure potential employers know you have studied abroad and appreciate the advantages this brings. Do you want to know how to present your new skills in your CV? Or do you need help in identifying the skills and knowledge you have gained during your studies abroad? Then take a look in the LU Career Zone or make an appointment with your faculty’s Student Careers Advisor.

ISN Leiden

The International Student Network (ISN) Leiden is a network for international students studying at Leiden University, whether it be for one semester or a whole degree programme. As a recently returned study abroad student you know exactly how it is to study in a new country and at a new university. That makes you an ideal candidate to be an ISN mentor and help out newly arrived international students in Leiden. Why don’t you visit ISN Leiden's website to find out more?

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