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Studying abroad

Studying abroad is not only good for the development of your academic and language skills, it's also to asset to your CV and a great way to make international friends. Leiden University offers a wide range of options for spending part of your studies abroad.

Why study abroad?

Whatever your reasons for doing so, studying abroad is always a valuable and educational experience. It’s good for the development of your academic and language skills and teaches you how to get by in another country, and often another culture. Above all you get to know another system of education, another way of studying and, of course, classmates from other countries. In fact some students opt to go abroad two or even three times, for example by doing internships, (PhD) research, or for employment. 

Keep in mind: later in life, once you have a job and/or other commitments, it’s much more difficult to go abroad for a couple of months. Your student days are therefore the best time to do so. And if you make sure that the academic credits you earn abroad count towards your degree you won’t fall behind in your studies.

Job market

In terms of prospects on the job market studying abroad is a wise move. The job market, both oversees and in the Netherlands, is becoming increasingly international. More and more work environments are being internationalised in one way or another. Many employers like to hire staff who have shown themselves to be independent, confident and not afraid to broaden their horizons. This means that students with international experience often have a head start on the job market as they have already demonstrated that they can cope well in an international setting. If you have plans to work abroad in the future, studying abroad is most definitely a good idea.

Student reports

Want to find out what previous students thought of their study abroad experiences? You can find a selection of students' reports about their stays abroad in Blackboard.

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