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Diversity and inclusion

Leiden University is committed to becoming an inclusive community that enables all students and staff to feel valued and respected. Do you have questions about diversity and inclusion? Or are you looking for advice, support or contact? Find out who you can turn to at Leiden University.

Diversity & Inclusion Expertise Office

Leiden University’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Expertise Office advises faculties, institutes and programmes on their approaches to diversity and inclusion. D&I provides training programmes, guidelines and information to enable staff and students to contribute to an inclusive learning and working environment. As a linking pin between the community, policy and administration, feel free to contact them with any questions on the subject of diversity and inclusion. Get in touch with the D&I Expertise Office or follow D&I on Instagram to stay updated about the latest news and activities.

Contact at your faculty

There are also many initiatives and points of contacts at your faculty, including POPcorners for first year students, D&I coordinators and policy advisers. For details, take a look on your faculty tab on this page or see the D&I at the faculties page.

Networks and community

There are many student and staff networks at Leiden University that play an active role in community building and diversity and inclusion matters. They offer safer space meetings and organise social activities, academic talks, panels and other events.

Resources and facilities

The D&I Expertise Office is developing a number of tools and resources in the area of diversity and inclusion.

  • On the D&I facilities and services page you can find information on facilities such as all-gender bathrooms, nursing rooms and quiet rooms.
  • On the locations page you can accessibility information for each of our buildings.
  • The Ongehinderd app provides information on the accessibility of selected buildings in your local area. Click on Gemeente (top right of screen) to find information on your municipality.

Preferred names and pronouns

Leiden University advises staff and students to respect preferred forms of address and use gender neutral forms of address in formal and automated communication.

  • You can find information on updating your preferred name in Leiden University’s systems on the changing your personal data page. After updating your preferred name once, it will be visible in all our systems.
  • The  pronouns brochure provides helpful tips about the use of gender inclusive pronouns.
  • Gender inclusion is also part of Leiden University’s writing guidelines.

More about D&I at Leiden University

In the Diversity and Inclusion dossier you can read more about Leiden University’s vision on diversity and inclusion. Here you can also find useful resources and information on upcoming activities and events.  

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