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Pregnancy and parenthood

Are you studying whilst pregnant or combining your studies with taking care of children? You may sometimes need a little extra help and advice. Find out about the support available and who you can turn to.

Talk to your study adviser

Have you recently found out you are pregnant? Or do you need help organising your studies around taking care of children? Make an appointment with your study adviser as soon as possible. Together you look into drawing up a study plan that takes your situation into consideration.  

Financial help

  • Via the university
    If you fall behind in your studies due to pregnancy, you may be entitled to financial support via the university. See the study delay page for details. This can take the form of financial compensation from four to six weeks before the birth until ten to twelve weeks after (or longer if you experience complications). Note that this is only intended for mothers (to be), not partners. If you have any questions, contact student counsellor Clair Francis.
  • Dutch student finance
    If you are a single parent receiving Dutch student finance, you may in some circumstances be eligible for single parent subsidy (info in Dutch).
  • Childcare benefit 
    Studying parents may in some cases be eligible for childcare benefit. Take a look on the Dutch tax authority website for more information.


Many student housing providers, including DUWO, do not provide accommodation for students with children. If you become pregnant, check the conditions with your housing provider as soon as possible and if necessary, look for alternative accommodation. See the finding housing yourself page for tips and advice.

Daycare centre ‘De Kattekop’

De Kattekop daycare centre was founded in 1980 as an initiative of Leiden University. It is one of the oldest daycare centres in Leiden. To be entitled to make use of De Kattekop, at least one parent or guardian must be either a student or staff member of Leiden University or an affiliated institution. For further information, visit De kattekop’s website.

Lactation rooms

Do you need access to a lactation room where you can express milk? Contact student counsellor Clair Francis.

Sharing experiences and tips

  • Would you like to share ideas and tips with other student-parents at Leiden University? Student counsellor Clair Francis can assist.
  • Stichting Steunpunt Studerende Moeders (Support Foundation for Studying Mothers – website in Dutch), is a knowledge sharing platform. On their website you can find tips and advice about how to successfully combine pregnancy, motherhood and studying.  
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