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IncLUsion is a student initiative that enables refugees who are not (yet) able to register on a regular study programme to follow courses at Leiden University. But studying is more than just attending classes, which is why IncLUsion also offers a buddy system. Buddies are Leiden University students who help refugees to integrate and find their way at the university.

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Newly-admitted IncLUsion students

As an IncLUsion student, you will be confronted with a lot of new information at the start of your studies. The list below contains many of the facilities and topics you will encounter. Read the information carefully and make sure you are well-prepared for your studies.

As a student of Leiden University you’ll receive a student account (ULCN account). This gives you access to the university’s systems and work stations. You'll first need to activate your ULCN account.

Read more about ULCN accounts

Your LU card is your university ID card. It gives you access to a range of facilities. Make sure to request your LU card before starting your studies.

Read more about the LU card

As a student of Leiden University you will be issued with a university email address: uMail. All correspondence from the university will be sent to this address. You can set up your uMail account so that all mails will be forwarded to your own email address.

Read more about uMail

All the details of your studies are recorded in uSis. From your first registration as a student until your graduation.

Read more about uSis

Brightspace is Leiden University’s online learning environment.

Read more about Brightspace

The indispensable app for Leiden University students. Here you can find all your personal study information in one place. Log in once and access your schedule, results, available computers and university news anytime and anyplace.

Download the app


Make sure you know where you have to be and when on your first day.

Take a look at your timetable

During your time as a student you will probably face a variety of challenges. Both in terms of studying and personal development, you might need a little help from time to time. Find out how you can boost your wellbeing and who you can turn to for support. Read more about wellbeing


Still have questions after reading the information above? Send an email to inclusionstudents@sea.leidenuniv.nlNote: we are unable to reply to Yahoo email addresses.

IncLUsion student buddies

Are you a sociable and helpful student who enjoys meeting new people? Then sign up to be an IncLUsion buddy. IncLUsion offers you the unique opportunity to meet people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and actively contribute to diversity and inclusivity at Leiden University.

As a buddy, you are there to answer questions on a range of practical matters whilst also fulfilling a social role. You will have three main tasks:  

  • Practical: you will help refugees to integrate into student life by assisting them with practical study-related matters, such as explaining Brightspace and uSis. 

  • Problem spotting: as a buddy you are well placed to notice if an IncLUsion student is experiencing problems, whether these be study related or wellbeing related.

  • Referring: this task follows directly on from the previous one. If you spot any problems, you can refer the IncLUsion student to the student coordinator or other sources of help.

How many hours?

As a buddy you will spend 2 to 3 hours per week on IncLUsion activities.

Register as a buddy for the upcoming semester.

Want to know more? Send an email to buddy@inclusionleiden.nl.

After signing up, you will receive an invitation to become an IncLUsion buddy. Once you accept the invitation, the buddy coordinator will link you to an IncLUsion student, taking into account your academic background. You will then be placed in a buddy group with one other buddy and two or three IncLUsion students.

If a lot of students sign up to be buddies, we may not be able to make use of your services. If this is the case, we will let you know and invite you to volunteer again next semester.

Introduction meeting

Before the start of the semester, you will attend an introduction meeting with other buddies during which you will learn all about your role. You will then meet the IncLUsion students for the first time during a kick-off meeting.

Further information

Want to know more about the IncLUsion programme? Looking for information for applicants? Visit the IncLUsion website.

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