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Study delay

Sometimes circumstances can cause you to fall behind in your studies. It is important that you seek advice right away to help you find the best course of action. If you fall too far behind, you may have to discontinue your studies. In cases of exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible to request additional support or funding.

Contact your study adviser

Sometimes you know in advance that you are going to fall behind in your studies. In other cases you may be impacted by unexpected circumstances. Whatever the reason, it is essential that you contact your study adviser as soon as you realise you risk falling behind. Together, you can then look into ways to minimise the delay or adapt your study plan to take your situation into account. You can also discuss implications for binding study advice (BSA) and your financial situation.

Exceptional or personal circumstances?

Are you falling behind as a result of exceptional or personal circumstances? In addition to notifying your study adviser, you should also:

Exceptional circumstances and binding study advice
If you fall too far behind in your studies, you risk being issued with negative binding study advice (BSA). However, if you report your exceptional circumstances on time and in the correct way, the university must take this into consideration when issuing BSA. Find out what steps to take.

Financial support in cases of study delay

In accordance with the regulations on financial support for students, Leiden University can sometimes offer financial support to students who have fallen behind in their studies due to certain circumstances.

Student residence permit holders

If you have a student residence permit, you must make sufficient study progress to remain entitled to your permit. Exceptions can only be made in cases of proven exceptional circumstances. Learn more on the obligations for student residence permit residence holders page.

Help and resources

Are you finding studying difficult? Do you need help with study techniques or planning?

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