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Financial support

Students with a disability can incur additional expenses both during their studies and in daily life. There are a number of regulations, funds and special allowances in place that can help to ease the financial burden.

If you are an EU citizen, you may be entitled to Dutch student finance depending on the length of your stay, although you must meet certain additional conditions. If your disability is preventing you from meeting one or more of these conditions, you may be able to request an exemption in accordance with certain legal provisions. If you think you may qualify for an exemption, please make an appointment with Fenestra.

The following options may be available to you:  

  • An additional year of student finance - if your academic progress has been delayed.
  • The waiving of your obligation to repay your 1200 euro study advance (studievoorschot) upon completion of your Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.
  • An extension to the deadline for obtaining your diploma - if your academic progress has been delayed.
  • The conversion of your loan into a gift – if you are unable to pass your final exam.
  • An amendment to the maximum age limit for student finance - if your academic progress has been delayed.

Regulations on financial support for students

If you fall behind in your studies as a consequence of your disability you may be able to request financial assistance (under certain conditions) in accordance with the regulations on financial support for students

Erasmus scholarship

Erasmus students who incur additional costs as a result of their disability whilst studying abroad may be entitled to additional financial assistance. All European Union countries are part of the Erasmus+programme. In general a maximum of 5000 euro can be awarded for the entire period of study abroad, however higher amounts may be awarded in exceptional circumstances. These amounts are in addition to the standard Erasmus scholarship. If you will study abroad outside the European Union the Erasmus scheme does not apply and you should instead contact Fenestra Disability Centre to enquire about other options.  

Other student grants & Emergency fund

To check whether you are eligible for financial support from the emergency fund please contact Fenestra Disability Centre. Students who need additional facilities to participate fully in University life, whether because of a chronic illness or another disability, can apply for support from the ‘Ouwe’ Fund.

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