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Studying with a disability

What is a disability

A disability is a physical or mental disability or other long-term limitation. This could be for example:

  • a visual, auditory or physical disability;
  • a learning disability (for example dyslexia);
  • a chronic or psychological illness.

Facilities and support

Leiden University offers a range of different facilities and support depending on your needs. Click on your disability below for more information.

The Fenestra Disability Centre

The Fenestra Disability Centre provides advice on all disability-related issues. As well as assisting students with requests for extra facilities, Fenestra can also offer financial advice and give general information on finding your way both within and outside the university.

Contact Fenestra as early as possible

We encourage you to contact Fenestra as early as possible if you would like to arrange study adaptations or use Fenestra’s services. You do not need to wait until you start your studies.

Your disability


Autism spectrum disorder

Chronic illness


Hearing disability

Speech disability

Visual disability


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