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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs do I have to pay, and when, if I request housing via the university?

To request accommodation via Leiden University Housing Office you are required to make the following payments:

  • Housing fee: to be paid before the housing application deadline.
  • Contract costs: to be paid after you accept your offer of accommodation - to cover the cost of setting up your contract.
  • Housing deposit: to be paid after you return your signed contract - refundable at the end of your stay (subject to certain conditions).
  • Monthly rent: please refer to our Accommodation page for rental rates.

Details of all charges, payment deadlines and refund conditions can be found on our Costs and payments webpage.

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How and when is accommodation allocated by the Housing Office?

The Housing Office will begin allocating accommodation once the housing deadline has passed. Accommodation is allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’, according to the date on which your housing fee was received, and on the basis of certain immigration and study-related criteria.

We will do our best to meet your accommodation preferences, but unfortunately cannot offer any guarantees.

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How and when should I arrange my student housing?

We advise you to begin arranging housing as soon as you start your application to the university. There is limited availability of accommodation, both via the university and in the private sector.

The deadline for applying for accommodation via the university’s Housing Office is 1 June for programmes starting in September and 15 November for programmes starting in February. If you submit your housing application or fee after this date, we will unfortunately not be able to allocate you a room.


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Are there internet facilities in housing arranged via the university?

All accommodation arranged via the university Housing Office has internet facilities. Internet is included in the rent. However, please be aware that not all accommodation has WIFI. You may therefore have to supply your own internet cable or router.

You can find full details of the internet facilities in your housing complex via the Accommodation webpage.

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Will I be allocated housing via the university in Leiden or The Hague?

On your housing application form you can indicate whether you wish to be housed in Leiden or The Hague. We will do our best to offer you accommodation in your preferred city, but unfortunately cannot offer any guarantees. If there are insufficient rooms available in your chosen city, you may be offered a room elsewhere.

Accommodation is allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’, according to the date on which your housing fee is received. Therefore the earlier you apply, the greater the chance you will be housed in your preferred location.

Please be assured that it takes only 15 minutes by train to commute between Leiden and The Hague. Therefore you will never be far away from your faculty.

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What are the housing requirements for students who need a visa/residence permit?

If you require a visa and/or residence permit, it is essential that you arrange accommodation well in advance. The Dutch immigration department (IND) will check that you have registered at a Dutch address with your local town hall soon after arrival. If you have not done so, the IND will cancel your residence permit.


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Does the university offer housing for families or couples?

The university does not offer accommodation for families. If your family will be joining you during your studies, we advise you to search for accommodation, well in advance, via the private sector or friends/family.
There are a limited number of apartments for couples available via the university Housing Office. Priority is given to couples who are both international students of Leiden University. However, in exceptional circumstances, non-students can be permitted to reside with their student partners. Contact the Housing Office for more details.

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How and when can I sign my university housing contract?

After accepting your offer of accommodation, you will receive your housing contract by email and will be asked to return a signed copy, and other accompanying documents and payment, via a web link. If you are unable to do so, you can instead attend a contract appointment after arrival. Please sign up for an appointment at least five days before arrival, and let the Housing Office know right away if you are delayed.

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Can a parent or sponsor provide the ‘proof of financial means’ for my visa/residence permit?

We are only able to accept bank statements in your own name, not that of a sponsor or family member. A letter from a friend/family member promising funds is also not sufficient.
The only evidence of financial means we are able to accept are:
• A bank transfer of your living expenses to Leiden University
• A bank statement in your own name
• A scholarship letter clearly stating your name

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What are the estimated living expenses per month?

Via the link below you can find an up to date estimate of the amount of money you will require for monthly expenses, i.e. rent, insurance, living expenses, course books and local transportation etc.. How much money a student actually spends will of course depend on their lifestyle and spending habits.

Please note that if you need an “MVV” (visa) to enter the Netherlands and a residence permit to legally stay in the Netherlands, you will need to provide proof that you are financially able to cover expenses during the whole period of stay. 

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