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Parents & caregivers

A special online session in Dutch for parents and caregivers of Leiden University students who would like to go on exchange

Your child or relative on exchange: what to expect

  • Intended for: Parents and caregives of students who are going on exchange
  • Date/time: Thursday 12 October 20:00-21:00
  • Location: KOG A1.44 & online
  • Speakers: International Relations
  • Details: Your child or loved one is studying at Leiden University and has decided to go on an exchange abroad. How does the university prepare its students for this adventure, and what do you need to know before the journey begins? In this session, we would like to provide you with that information. This session is given in Dutch, translations to other languages will be provided at a later date.

Note: During this session, the focus will be on providing general information about exchange and the services offered by the university. For more specific information, students should attend their faculty or university-wide session (as applicable) at which they are also welcome to pose questions on behalf of family members.



You can download the presentation of this session here.

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