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International Experience Week

After Covid, the world is opening up again and so is our vision on international education. The old Study Abroad Festival was great, but we've decided to go bigger. Introducing the new International Experience Week for all students and staff.

International Experience Week 2023: from 9 till 13 October

Are you a Dutch student with big dreams of studying abroad while immersing yourself in different cultures? Or are you an international student currently studying at Leiden University, seeking new intercultural adventures? Perhaps you are a staff member who would like to explore what internationalisation at Leiden University can offer you in terms of career and personal growth?

Where and when? 

From 9 till 13 October 2023 there will be a wide range of activities available, mostly between 16.00 and 21.00 hrs. Many are in the KOG building, some are at other faculty buildings. You can join on-location activities, online sessions, and live networking events for students and staff. The full programme is available now. 

For students and staff

Although some sessions are specifically aimed at students, staff are also welcome to attend. So if you always wanted to know more about what the university can offer students, this is your chance. There are also sessions just for staff. 

Choose the topics you are interested in 

Click on the topics you are interested in, choose your activities, then sign up for all your sessions via the registration page. You can join as many as you like. Most sessions will be held in English unless otherwise stated.

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