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Community Building

Creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment where all students feel welcome is one of Leiden University’s main priorities. Hence, The POPcorner is building a community around creative social binding activities.

During these activities students can expect to get to know fellow-students, play games, strike up a conversation on serious issues, or simply hang-out and have fun! 

The location of these activities are in the Beehive Student Centre (opposite to the main entrance of Wijnhaven), or outside.

There are games present in the POPcorner area. Students are invited to play a game during their breaks or join in making the puzzle, as a creative way for social binding.

If you have any questions about community building on Campus The Hague, please contact popcornerthehague@leidenuniv.nl.

Also, if you would like to follow the POPcorner Instagram for information on our events, please visit: POPcorner The Hague (@popcornerthehague) • Instagram photos and videos.

PS. It is worth remembering that all the future POPcorner Food for Thought Dinners will take place on the first Monday of the month. In other words, whenever you hear the air raid siren don’t be alarmed; just remember that you’re invited for dinner!

This photo was taken for tightening of corona measures
The photo was taken for tightening of corona measures
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