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Are you looking for the best way to study? Then take 1 or more free online workshops from the ePOPcorner on Brightspace. The ePOPcorner study skills workshops are fully online, self-paced and freely available to all Leiden University students. The workshops are developed by enthusiastic and experienced trainers.

At ePOPcorner you can learn online how to study as efficiently as possible. You can gain more insight into your study approach with the SMART study questionnaire and follow various free workshops:

Methodology & Statistics Study

In this 1 hour workshop you learn:

  • get an overview of the material of your statistics subject;
  • better understand the material;
  • Prepare for the exam.

Mind Maps

In this 1 hour workshop you will learn:

  • What Mind Mapping is;
  • What the power of Mind Mapping is;
  • How this note-taking method can help you study efficiently.

Study skills

In this 1 hour workshop you will learn:

  • understand how your memory works;
  • How you can better understand and remember the study material.

Make exams

In this 1 hour workshop you will learn:

  • how to properly prepare for different types of exams;
  • and how to properly tackle exams with open questions and multiple choice questions.

Time management

In this 1-hour workshop you will learn:

  • How to gain insight into how you spend your time;
  • and how to make a realistic planning that you can use immediately.
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