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Become a Resident Assistant.

Would you like to become a Resident Assistant? Take a look at the role description below to find out if it might be something for you. If you are just arriving in the Netherlands and feel like you don’t know enough to become an RA, don’t worry.  Becoming an RA is a great way to meet new people, and to quickly learn about everything Leiden has to offer. With our trainings, and the help of your teammates, you will quickly become embedded into the life of the city and the university. 

Contact point

Serve as a contact point for international students within your housing complex. Provide a warm welcome and a sympathetic ear. Be a problem solver and a source of information.

Social activity organiser

Arrange welcome and social activities for international students. Introduce them to Dutch culture and traditional celebrations. Provide information about, and stimulate interest in, social and sports activities.


Liaise between students and other university and external services, for example: 

  • Provide information, answer questions and act as a role model.
  • Arrange activities with tenants to improve the living environment, e.g. house meetings, dinners, parties, etc.
  • Correspond with (future) tenants, e.g. via social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, email).
  • Make preparations for student arrival, welcome tenants, show them their rooms and explain the facilities.
  • Provide contact information and explain house rules to new tenants.
  • Be familiar with safety regulations.
  • Attend training sessions and other relevant activities.
  • Provide feedback to the coordinator of the Residence Life Programme.
  • Conduct wellness checks in your building. 

As a Resident Assistant you will gain valuable experience that will be an asset to your CV. You will also be entitled to the following benefits.

Rent deduction

In order to reward your efforts, your monthly rent will be reduced.


Resident Assistants will receive training on a wide range of subjects pertaining to their role.

More info and application

If you're interested in the position please send a message to the Housing Office using the contact form.

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